Old Shoes, Old School Punk, Austin Lucas: Your Show Preview

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This will be a lousy few days if you were hoping to have quiet nights in, folks. Reminder: email Kate at justwhittlin [at] hotmail [dot] com if you’d like me to add a show listing to the calendar or if you wanna write a review of a band or show.

Now then:

On Thursday night, for all of the ages, Zoo City Apparel is hosting Seattle “loopy madness” one-man-band Slashed Tires, with locals Needlecraft, Radd N Subtract and Old Shoes, an old project of Tyson Ballew’s that’s reuniting for a bit. 8 p.m., all ages, $5 suggested donation.

**I just heard Slashed Tires canceled because of the recent Seattle shooting tragedy. You can come out and support Needlecraft’s tour kickoff, though!

Meanwhile, for cheap fucks over 21, the VFW promises a night of classic punk covers, with Petunia delivering Bad Religion, the Juveniles doing the Decendents’ “Milo Goes to College,” Bird’s Mile Home playing Minutemen, and–I have an enormous ladyboner just typing this–Total Combined Weight is doing Minor Threat’s complete discography. Shit yeah. 9:30, 21+, free. On the Facebook event, the esteemed Jason McMackin’s threatening that it’ll actually start on time.

On First Friday, one of the best goddamn singer-songwriters around and an exceedingly nice fellow to boot will grace Missoula with his fine presence. Austin Lucas is playing the brand-spanking-new Burns St. Bistro, at 1500 Burns St, with openers PJ Bond, Jessica Kilroy and Reader. 7 p.m., presumably all ages, BYOB, cover unknown.

If you’re in the mood for a more plugged-in Friday, Missoula punks VTO are playing the VFW with openers Fauxhemians. VTO member Charlie Beaton says, “VTO was a band I started in 1993.  We played up until 2000 and then people got married, divorced, graduated, kids, etc.   This fall I realized that everyone was back in town so we decided to start playing again.  We’ve always been a punk band but different versions of the band have been a little different.  Mostly we are straight ahead smart ass punk band but we sometimes have a bit of rockabilly going on too.” $3, 10 p.m., 21+.

Saturday, expect a more chill late-afternoon show at Burns St. Bistro for its official grand opening. The bistro plans a BBQ with pulled-pork sandwiches for suggested donation of $10, as a fundraiser for non-profit NMCDC (bonus points if you know what that acronym stands for) and music from Bone Island, the Shane Hickey Ukelele Project, Bird’s Mile Home, and somebody called Jerry. 4 to 8 p.m., all ages, suggested donation to eat $10.


Sasquatch Report: The Good, the Bad and the Filthy

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Best set design: Tenacious D and their “Rising Phoenix.” It sprayed white confetti at the end of the show, of course.

Your faithful editor is sunburned, bruised, sleep-deprived and sore after four days of camping, partying and music at Sasquatch. While much of the “indie” scene today is dreck to me, I still saw my fill of kick-ass music. So there! I met up with friends who are usually scattered across the country and we went through many cases of beers and met questionable characters at the campground. I have no complaints with that part of Sasquatch.

See, I like a lot of music, and some of it passes for “hip” and some doesn’t, but the indie/rock/pop scene is not where I belong. I try not to judge other subcultures too much–it takes all kinds of people to make the world go around, and there’s a lot about punk that seems goofy to other people– but too much of the music I saw was made by privileged, pretty people for other privileged, pretty people to gently sway to while sipping their $11 beer. When I see live music, I want to see someone expressing an emotion, for fuck’s sake.

Not to mention problems like gnarly port-a-potties, people flinging trash everywhere and how the stages’ sound bled into each other, so the raver tent thump-thump-thump ruined every quiet moment for other bands.

Don’t get me started on the fake warbonnets, either.

So to enjoy Sasquatch, you have to swallow all sense of good taste, put on those neon-pink sunglasses and focus on the music. Casey Jarman at the Willamette Week came to same conclusion. Also, stay sober, because that way you can work up to the front of the crowd and not have to fight your way back out to piss every half hour. Save your drinking for after the shows, when everyone goes back to camp out and bullshit about who they saw that day.

After the jump, my highlights, including Beastie Boy covers, penis jokes and folk singer erotica:

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Review: Tragedy at Zoo City Apparel May 23

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Ed. Note: Portland band Tragedy played Zoo City Apparel last Wednesday, and Purple Star Third Class Contributor Timmy Arrowtop has this to say:

Tragedy at Zoo City Apparel, May 23rd:

You know what? Maybe they should have dropped the bombs. We all could have ducked and covered into little balls of soon-to-be roasted and delicious flesh as the world exploded and life ceased to be. Then maybe people wouldn’t have to listen to boring sludge bummers like Tragedy. The survivors could just fight over cans of peaches and live under tarps. They wouldn’t have much to do other than that however, since they would have eaten their dogs on ropes, and there’d be no one to hit up for spare change. Life would be perfect! Darker Days indeed!

Yeah I may be being unfair here, maybe. A shit ton of people seemed to really enjoy it. But a lot of people like a whole lot of nothin’ and this peep didn’t like Tragedy. The best I can say about watching them was that it was boring. As the stink-ass whirling dervishes circle pitted and Tragedy plodded through another dirge I found myself thinking about John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars, and rent, and about making chili the next day.

I like this band, I like them a lot, so I’m not trying to be overly-critical, but it seems that too many hardcore bands of late have made a gradual progression into this long, drawn-out and pensively-absorbed structure of songwriting and their performances reflect that ideal. Too influenced by Neurosis with the occasional de rigueur D-Beat stylings but none of the spastic joie de vivre, ha!, of lickety-punk-rock-levity, and well, the same, same thing… Tragedy just seemed… tired.

I know that people who make music and art grow and change but I gotta go change a diaper, and then I’m gonna watch Ghosts of Mars and eat some chili, so I’m out!

–Timmy Arrowtop

(Rebuttals are welcome. -Ed)

We’re baa-aaaaack

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BACK FROM SASQUATCH! AND FILTHIER FOR IT! Your faithful editor will bring you a buncha posts pretty soon here, after a hefty nap and shower, but for now, go hit “like” on Total Combined Weight’s Facebook, because maybe it’s the sleep deprivation but their statuses are giving me the giggles:

One intern currently combing Jason’s hair/beard. Another intern massaging Chad’s forearms. Third intern dry cleaning Alex’s tie-died shirt. Fourth intern letting Walker’s rose hip and hibiscus tea steep just so. T-minus three hours until showtime.


Missoula’s Memorial Day Weekend in Rock: Black Bananas, White Suns

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Missoula Punk News will be quiet over the next few days, because your faithful editor won’t have internet access while camping at Sasquatch.

I know. I KNOW. God, don’t look at me like that. My 58-year-old biker dad is more stoked about the headliners Jack White and Beck than I am. But there are some acts I’m looking forward to seeing, and four days of camping with your buddies and drinking beer is awesome no matter what.

Assuming I don’t get a lethal dose of hipster smugness at the Gorge, I will return to ‘Zoola and its lovely, dark basement dives next week. In the meantime, check out these awesome Missoula shows, and send me any show reviews, band profiles or album reviews you’d like to see posted!

Friday, Black Bananas will rock out at the Palace with openers including Shahs. “The fruit is ripe and the bread will be FRESH,” says their site. 9 p.m., $8 and 21+.

Black Bananas recently changed their name from RTX. Here’s the RTX track that inspired the new name. Sounds like a good time:

As for Saturday, your menu options include White Suns at the VFW, a noise/hardcore band all the way from New York Citay, with guests Monsters with 21 Faces, Burke Jam and Abe Coley. 10 p.m., $3, 21+.

Over at Zombie Tool’s headquarters, Throne of Lies, Shramana, Gretchen and the Mount Poverty Well Diggers will grace Zombie Tool’s headquarters at 1909 Wyoming Street. $9 p.m, cover and age group not listed (so that’s your cue to show up, minors/freeloaders/freeloading minors.)

And Sunday night, Vanna Inget will bring their Swedish punk sounds to the VFW with openers Shahs and Needlecraft. 10 p.m., $5, 21+.


Show Review: McDougall

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Ed. Note: Folk singer Scott McDougall played the VFW May 11. Chartreuse Level Nine Contributor Tine Ahlin has this report:

In the farthest reaches of the back bingo hall, in the smelly underbelly of the VFW, sits McDougall behind a kick drum, hot to trot in his bushy lumberjack beard. To his left, a PTSD bulldog in a General’s uniform promotes Budweiser atop a shiny mirror. As the General paws his sorrow, this one-man band single-handedly tears at your soul with his utterly hopeless lyrics and inspired guitar pickin’.

Sounding off into “Ones and Twos,” McDougall tells of the bitterly disconnected lives we lead among a world of “familiar strangers” and goddammit he puts an icy cap on our mundane lives. This song has the poetic appeal and desperation of a disgruntled punk rocker lunging far ahead of himself in hopes of finding a world where the morning paper and a bullshit obligatory nod to your neighbor aren’t the only means to our daily existence. The force in his songwriting seems to have a ring of Tom Waits’ “Mule Variations,” but his voice hasn’t quite taken the plunge into grizzled old man territory. Though, from what I know, the dude’s as bonafide as any one of us snot-nosed kids. Why not get hosed and cook sausages at four in the morning with bearded friendlings!

As the night burns on, the rest of the hoople-heads at the bar get progressively schlurpier. McDougall’s descending banjo lines and walkin’ thunder stomps send the feet on the linoleum floor a spinning! Bingo basement is reverberating with GRANDMA SET THE HOUSE ON FIRE!! The whole stinkin’ lot is bat shit crazy! What is that smell?!! It’s the smell of sheer JOY and musty sweaters. Thank you McDougall, the night will not be so quickly forgotten…

-Tine Ahlin

Cory Branan’s new album Mutt out today

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Cory Branan, the most delightful Southern cad you will ever meet, has released his third album today on Bloodshot records! A review will be forthcoming, after I think about it a bit. On first listen, “Mutt” is a different turn from the Memphis-singer-songwriter stuff we know and love from Mr. Branan. He plays around with different styles on this one. See what you think.

Stream Cory Branan’s Mutt here.


Also, the album cover for Mutt shows a thin, white, generously-endowed topless woman wearing an alligator mask. I waffled for fifteen minutes whether to include it with this post (because I have too much time on my hands) but in the end, will not, because I am tired of album covers that are supposed to be artsy and provocative but really are just an excuse for a picture of tits.

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