Bad Naked

May 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Take yourself to any house show in Missoula, and you’ve a good chance of running into Bad Naked. In between bands playing in some crowded basement, you might find yourself pushing through a group of people, trying to make your way outside for fresh air and a cigarette. As you approach the door to the back yard you may hear some chanting, like a drunken adult version of hot potato, “Failure ball. Pass the ball. Now you’re a success!” Outside is a spectacle. A crowd of people stand in a circle, kicking around a padded medicine ball. In the center of the circle, leading the chant, is a man in black underwear, a black mask, and a hollow body acoustic/ electric bass. This is Bad Naked.

Bad Naked isn’t often on the hand bills he ceaselessly passes out for local shows, but he’ll show up and play. His act is part performance art, part chaos, and part guerilla action. Completely unplugged, Bad Naked can play anywhere he wants, and usually does. Bad Naked’s sound is akin to any band on In The Red Records being taped rhythmically beating their instruments with a brick. At any show Bad Naked is a reminder, between acts, to never sacrifice fun for cool.

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–Duane Raider


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