Review: Tragedy at Zoo City Apparel May 23

May 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ed. Note: Portland band Tragedy played Zoo City Apparel last Wednesday, and Purple Star Third Class Contributor Timmy Arrowtop has this to say:

Tragedy at Zoo City Apparel, May 23rd:

You know what? Maybe they should have dropped the bombs. We all could have ducked and covered into little balls of soon-to-be roasted and delicious flesh as the world exploded and life ceased to be. Then maybe people wouldn’t have to listen to boring sludge bummers like Tragedy. The survivors could just fight over cans of peaches and live under tarps. They wouldn’t have much to do other than that however, since they would have eaten their dogs on ropes, and there’d be no one to hit up for spare change. Life would be perfect! Darker Days indeed!

Yeah I may be being unfair here, maybe. A shit ton of people seemed to really enjoy it. But a lot of people like a whole lot of nothin’ and this peep didn’t like Tragedy. The best I can say about watching them was that it was boring. As the stink-ass whirling dervishes circle pitted and Tragedy plodded through another dirge I found myself thinking about John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars, and rent, and about making chili the next day.

I like this band, I like them a lot, so I’m not trying to be overly-critical, but it seems that too many hardcore bands of late have made a gradual progression into this long, drawn-out and pensively-absorbed structure of songwriting and their performances reflect that ideal. Too influenced by Neurosis with the occasional de rigueur D-Beat stylings but none of the spastic joie de vivre, ha!, of lickety-punk-rock-levity, and well, the same, same thing… Tragedy just seemed… tired.

I know that people who make music and art grow and change but I gotta go change a diaper, and then I’m gonna watch Ghosts of Mars and eat some chili, so I’m out!

–Timmy Arrowtop

(Rebuttals are welcome. -Ed)


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