Review: Austin Lucas, PJ Bond at Burns St. Bistro June 1

June 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ed. Note: Purple Star Third Class Contributor Timmy Arrowtop brings you this report of Austin Lucas’ low-key show at Burns St. Bistro last weekend. Austin asked the crowd to stand around him while he played acoustic and sang. Hey, not every Friday night needs a mosh pit:

It must be nice to travel the country with nothing but an acoustic guitar and play night after night for people who know and sing along to your songs. At least it would be easier traveling without loads of equipment to haul around. The thing about just you and an acoustic guitar, though, is there’s a dreaded word a lot of punk rockers seem to kneejerk react and get all third grade about. I dislike its non-descript bullshit music reviewey-ness, and that word, boys and girls, is “intimate.” Shit makes me think of underwear.

Continual loudness is a trap ye old subcultural low-rent punk faces get caught in, and hey! It’s a livin’ and I like it, but holy shit it gets boring with the same ol’ and I do need to change it up sometimes. I usually throw on something quieter, something maybe country, something maybe folk and for the last few years Austin Lucas has been doing a swell job of easing my beautiful, handsome earholes and giving me room to think.

I wonder what other dipshit punks listen to in their quieter little playtime moments. A little ‘Piano Man’ as they sew another Discharge patch on their hoodie? I dunno. Anyway, point being I caught Austin Lucas’ show the other night with PJ Bond and they’re both fine troubadours. Melancholic, intimate acoustic performances. Which could be bad, but it wasn’t, due to how smart their songs are and how they get those smart songs across to the peeps watching. I had a good time. I hope folks who didn’t go had as good a time sewing patches on your hoodie.

–Timmy Arrowtop

Austin Lucas’ site

PJ Bond’s bandcamp


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