Get Your Weekday Party On: Show Previews June 11 to 16

June 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

UPDATED 3 P.M. Mon ’cause I totally did forget a Thursday show

UPDATED 8 P.M. Mon Damn there’s even more shows this weekend, I will post again in a couple days with better updates wee! Thanks to people who let me know!

It might not feel like summer yet, but let’s go to weekday shows and party til the wee hours anyway! Some awesome touring bands are coming through our fair city in the days ahead! Lemme know (via email or commenting on this page) if I screwed any details up or forgot anything.

Tonight: Arizona anarcho/folk punks Ramshackle Glory will bring their raucous noise to Zoo City Apparel, along with LiveMeatLadyFuck, Spencer, and Whoopass Girls. 8 p.m., $5, all ages. Facebook event.

Wednesday: Zoo City Apparel will host Kind of like Spitting, a pop/rock band without quite as much spit (ha!) as frontman Ben Barnett’s more well-known project, the Thermals. Also visiting from out of town is Wyoming hardcore Out of Character, with opening locals Whoopass Girls and Cat Heaven. 8 p.m, $5, all ages.

Kind of Like Spitting has been playing off and on since ’96, and their Myspace page is still the first thing to come up when you Google KOLS, but check out the page for a quick listen.

Thursday: A veritable raft of great Northwest touring bands are coming through Zoo City Apparel. Seattle’s Pony Time, Oly’s Sharkpact, Seattle’s Stickers and Missoula’s Skin Flowers are coming through! I know jack shit about any of these bands but will update with more info shortly. 8 p.m., $5, all ages.

Friday: Recently reformed Missoula veterans of the punk scene VTO play the Palace Lounge with I Hate Your Girlfriend and Modality. 10 p.m., 21+, cover unknown. However, I can’t find a listing on this on, so I need to confirm that this show’s still on.

Saturday: Bountiful options await for your Saturday nite pleasure. At the ZACC, 235 N. 1st St., Idaho punks Avair, Boys, Whoopass Girls, and Skinny Legs will tear shit up! In all-ages, no-booze-inside art gallery fashion. 8 p.m., $5 all ages, no alcohol.

Also Saturday evening, grungy Missoula punks Shramana are releasing two albums, and a horde of loud guitars will accompany them, with new hardcore band Angry Youth, somewhat less new hardcore band My Two Dads, and fuzz-grunge Swamp Ritual. 8 p.m., $5, all ages. Facebook event.


If you wanna write up any of these bands or shows, email me at justwhittlin at hotmail dot com. Special offer this week: one free beer (a New Belgium I have in my fridge) to the first person to contribute something. Be that person!


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