Tonight! Suzi Trash at the Lab, Red Hands Black Feet at the VFW!

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These weeknight shows will be the death of me. Anyway, tonight, for your hot, inebriated pleasure, various touring bands are creating rackets in our fair city…

At the VFW, Boise shoegaze post-hardcore band Red Hands Black Feet are coming through. Some reviews describe them as “instrumental nonsense,” others as “should be hard to like…but powerfully thrilling…” Sounds like the kind of thing underground Missoula folks go for. With Saything, “slacker prog garage” from  Oakland, Native Tongues (members of our own Skinny Legs) and solo act Jane Fondle. 10 p.m., $3, 21+.

Over on the south side of town, The Lab is hosting Arkansas’ Suzi Trash. Their So Totally Dissonant album sounds as, well, trashy and frantic as you’d expect, but with the occasional hint of surf-rock to freshen the air. With openers Deal Me In, punks from Memphis, Scammers, “electronic couchwave” from Kansas City and our local punks home from tour, King Elephant. 9 p.m., $5, all ages, BYOB.

Have fun kids!


Happy Monday, enjoy some Tom Waits

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Shows are coming up! In the meantime, enjoy the awesomeness of Tom Waits. I don’t think they let you smoke on live TV anymore:

Video from this guy, who thinks Tom Waits is the inspiration for Heath Ledger’s joker.

Hey, kids

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So, judging by the events calendar, Missoula’s quiet for interesting shows for a couple days, and your faithful editor has some crucial Batman re-watching and roadtrips planned, so…yeah. To hell with posting for a few days! There’s some shows coming up next week so we’ll write about that ‘n stuff laters. Peace out!

Stolen artwork: have you seen this giant piece of wood

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From Facebook: “You are invited to the Great Art Witch Hunt of 2012. A piece of art was stolen from Taco Sano between March 2nd and April 7th. It’s a large piece of wood with multiple colors of paint. You can’t miss it. (See picture to left)
If you find it, don’t say anything to the offender, please just privately message Kelly Loder and give her the details.

If you are the offender, please just return this piece and no questions will be asked. We understand people can be short sighted sometimes but this is someone’s livelihood that you have violated. Not only have you hurt an artist financially, you have hurt her personally. All will be forgiven if you simply return it.
Thanks Everyone!”

Click here for the Facebook event.

(Can’t help but wonder why somebody would steal this and how they got away with carrying a giant wooden thing around. Then again, I had a friend who once managed to shoplift a toboggan, so, who knows. -Ed.)

July 25: Taxpayers at Zoo City, Solid Attitude at VFW

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This is one of those nights that makes me thrilled to live in the town we do. Two awesome shows are scheduled to go down, but they’re both cheap and within a few blocks of each other, so here’s hoping everybody who wants to can see Taxpayers at Zoo City before running over to the VFW for Solid Attitude. (It looks like that’s Needlecraft’s plan, since I hear they’re playing Zoo City early in the evening and then heading over to the VFW.)

Zoo City Apparel: Somewhere, the perfect noir-Western-gang movie is just waiting for the Taxpayer’s madcap brand of jazzy-country-punk as a soundtrack. The Taxpayers make me want to strap on chaps and shoot something. And go to a bar and knock back a dirty martini. And dance.
They play with Walter Mitty and his Makeshift Orchestra, Cat Heaven, Needlecraft and Pestapiso. 9 p.m., $5, all ages.

VFW: Solid Attitude, on the other hand, is much less complex and more of a unapologetic punk throwback. The “BB Gun Picnic” album raises its lip to reveal yellow-stained, broken teeth. Solid Attitude’s lo-fi guitars and old-school growl calls to mind a packed room of sweaty drunks and body odor. I hope it gets one. With Oll Breds and Needlecraft opening. 10 p.m., $3, 21+.


(Also, if I may be allowed a moment of #firstworldproblems irritation, it takes twice as long to add all the links to this post than it does to listen to the bands and write a description. See how much I suffer for you guys??)

Podcast download: Crock Rock, featuring Goddammitboyhowdy

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So last night on KBGA 89.9. FM College Radio was quite special! We had the inaugural showing of two new cooking shows! The inimitable Duane Raider produces Crock Rock, a show of music and interviews with local bands about recipes.

The first Crock Rock featured Goddammitboyhowdy and Joey’s dad’s fry bread recipe, which he claims to be “the best” fry bread recipe. You can download it by clicking here.

And your faithful editor has written Poor, Drunk and Hungry as a food column/bloggy thing since Aug. 2010, and now, at last, it is also a radio show! The 6-minute-long inaugural episode featured two refreshing summer cocktails, ideas for what to do with fresh herbs, and if you listen through till the end, one lousy joke. Click here for the recipes and PDH download.


Tonight’s VFW open mic line up: folks from Skin Flowers, Petunia, Burlesco, Javier Ryan

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Via Tom of Weird Missoula:

11-11:30pm Jenny Lynn (of Burlesco), 11:30-12am Brandon Neumayer [of Petunia], 12-12:30am Nick Ryan (of Skin Flowers), 12:30-1am Javier Ryan (of Javier Ryan)…there’s still an early slot (10:30-11) and a later one (1-1:30) if anyone’s interested…just message me!

And the awesome Ms. Andrea Cross Guns has been added to the last slot, I hear.

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