Bomb the Music Industry tonight!!

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Thursday nite part-ay: Against Me! covers, Germ Hunk, etc

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There’s a plethora of entertainment options this evening! Check out the show calendar on your left for more details. I think the ZACC show is supposed to run a bit earlier, because Grant’s playing with Cat Heaven’s one-off Against Me! cover band, Against Me!ow, and then scurrying over to the VFW for Buddy Jackson’s set.

Also, Buddy Jackson has a rather nice review in this week’s Independent, if I do say so myself: “Two-thirds pop, one-third cranky bastard rock, Buddy Jackson’s driven, snotty and bummed-out tunes end up stuck in your head whether you think punk is still cool or not.”


Crass: There is No Authority but Yourself full doc on Youtube

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This might not be news to cooler people, but I didn’t know this entire Crass documentary is on YouTube. Fuck yeah.

I feel compelled to note that, though I admire many of its tenets, I’m not going to pretend like I’m down with anarchism, because I’m not 20 years old trying to impress boys anymore. But I will sure as fuck sing along to every word of Baby, I’m an Anarchist.


hey it’s Wednesday

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Yay it’s Wednesday! The only show tonight I’m aware of is Hank III at the Wilma, and your faithful editor does not have more than five bucks to last til payday, so I ain’t going!

But thank baby Jesus payday is tomorrow, ’cause there’s a neato shows Thursday nite, at the VFW with Germ Hunk, Three, Buddy Jackson and Boys, I think, the Against Me!ow tribute thingy at the ZACC, and BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY ON FRIDAY IN CASE YOU FORGOT!

As far as amusing things from around the internet, I like the premise of this Stranger article, “Listening to the Pharmacy After Having Taken a Pharmacy’s Worth of Drugs” even though the Pharmacy were scheduled to play Total Fest’s record swap, got in town late and apparently didn’t play the make-up VFW set they were ‘sposed to.


-Ed. bought out by media company

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So recently, of all things, uh, bought in:

“Digital media company Buzzmedia has acquired four punk rock sites to form a new suite of online punk music properties titled AbsoluteVoices,” according to an article from It goes on to say a lot of blah blah things about exciting content blah blah.

Now then, as someone who is sort of a professional journalist (check out my diploma sometime!) if this is a move that means the creative people who produce content for Punk News–the people who write stuff–get paid, I am completely for it. If it means Punk News will degenerate into the ugly mainstream emo pseudo-alternative mess that AbsolutePunk is, well, that fucking sucks. Punk News isn’t the most underground site to begin with, and I doubt any regular Hot Topic goer would find anything on Punk News they’d find too edgy, but I still appreciate how well the site is run and how it keeps me up to date on a lot of music I care about.

Never fear, kiddos, Missoula Punk News will never sell out or become some kind of media acquisition, because the day this little hobby of mine becomes profitable is the final sign of the apocalypse. Then again, ash IS falling from the sky right now….


welcome to your tuesday blurb

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Hey kiddos, I’ve only got a minute before work gets busy again…but remember there are rad shows coming up, including BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY AT THE PALACE FRIDAY!! EEE!!

(I’m a hell of a promoter eh?)

Anyway, in case you needed some tunes recommendations, one of our favoritest pop punk albums we’ve heard lately is the new Dopamines.



Printing screen stolen from Zoo City Apparel

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From the Zoo City Apparel Facebook:

“About an hour or so ago a younger man, no hair, tattoos (yeah dude, neighbor saw you do this) rolled up on his bike and decided that our screen drying out in the sun was totally, like, there for him to take.
This was at 801 Sherwood (the Ceretana) building on the Westside, outside of our printshop. (not the downtown location)

The screen is a “roller frame” for screen printing with blue, tubular frame, yellow mesh, pink emulsion and a stencil for the posters for the upcoming Mount Eerie show.

The person who helped themselves to the screen might have noted the upcoming date on there with Zoo CIty Apparel beneath it…or, gee, I don’t know, thought to ask before helping himself to it seeing as the door was open and the lights were on?
If you see this screen, know this guy or are this guy, please help us retrieve this frame. I rescind my earlier call to punch this person in the mouth and would be very happy to have the screen back, no questions asked and no mouth punching involved.”
If you hear anything about it, stop by Zoo City downtown and let ’em know, or email MPN at and I’ll pass along the word.

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