Printing screen stolen from Zoo City Apparel

August 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

From the Zoo City Apparel Facebook:

“About an hour or so ago a younger man, no hair, tattoos (yeah dude, neighbor saw you do this) rolled up on his bike and decided that our screen drying out in the sun was totally, like, there for him to take.
This was at 801 Sherwood (the Ceretana) building on the Westside, outside of our printshop. (not the downtown location)

The screen is a “roller frame” for screen printing with blue, tubular frame, yellow mesh, pink emulsion and a stencil for the posters for the upcoming Mount Eerie show.

The person who helped themselves to the screen might have noted the upcoming date on there with Zoo CIty Apparel beneath it…or, gee, I don’t know, thought to ask before helping himself to it seeing as the door was open and the lights were on?
If you see this screen, know this guy or are this guy, please help us retrieve this frame. I rescind my earlier call to punch this person in the mouth and would be very happy to have the screen back, no questions asked and no mouth punching involved.”
If you hear anything about it, stop by Zoo City downtown and let ’em know, or email MPN at and I’ll pass along the word.


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