Punknews.org bought out by media company

August 29, 2012 § 1 Comment

So recently Punknews.org, of all things, uh, bought in:

“Digital media company Buzzmedia has acquired four punk rock sites to form a new suite of online punk music properties titled AbsoluteVoices,” according to an article from bizjournals.com. It goes on to say a lot of blah blah things about exciting content blah blah.

Now then, as someone who is sort of a professional journalist (check out my diploma sometime!) if this is a move that means the creative people who produce content for Punk News–the people who write stuff–get paid, I am completely for it. If it means Punk News will degenerate into the ugly mainstream emo pseudo-alternative mess that AbsolutePunk is, well, that fucking sucks. Punk News isn’t the most underground site to begin with, and I doubt any regular Hot Topic goer would find anything on Punk News they’d find too edgy, but I still appreciate how well the site is run and how it keeps me up to date on a lot of music I care about.

Never fear, kiddos, Missoula Punk News will never sell out or become some kind of media acquisition, because the day this little hobby of mine becomes profitable is the final sign of the apocalypse. Then again, ash IS falling from the sky right now….



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