new Murder By Death album

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Need some spooky morning listening? The new Murder By Death album, Bitter Drink Bitter Moon, is streaming here. First impression: I like it.


tonight! all kindsa stuff!

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First: KBGA’s Birthday Bash was last night. While it was a delightful inebriated time hanging out with fine folks, some of the music parts of the evening were kinda lackluster, maybe just because not that many people came. People didn’t even stick around for the last band, the Sidekicks. Hmm.

So tonight there’s Koffin Kats at the Dark Horse, Big John Bates at the Palace with Raised on Stolen Cable (Bobby of Petunia’s new solo thing) opening AND a buncha folks are already making their way to Helena for a Jester’s show with Bird’s Mile Home, Skin Flowers and the Magpies.

Your faithful editor is exhausted and broke and not going to none of it. Watching Downton Abbey and knitting is the new punk rock!

So if you have any pictures or words for me tomorrow that’d be grand.



random tunes for you to enjoy: Direct Hit!

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Another Fest band that rules.


ETA: I just noticed they list “Noise Noise Noise” on their ‘fuck you/thanks’ section. Yay for Montanans cropping up in interesting places.

tonight: Birthday Bash at KBGA!! eeee!

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I probably don’t need to tell you it’s KBGA’s 16th Birthday Bash tonight at the Palace/Badlander complex. That’s where I’m going to be. I might even wear my 11th Birthday Bash shirt and reminisce about when I was a wee freshman dancing to Vile Blue Shades and Japanther. Probably won’t go so far as to stay sober like I did back then, though.

KBGA makes Missoula what it is for me: a fucking rad place brimming of creative people bringing fun stuff and good music to town. Not to mention KBGA’s DJ roster is chock full of cute dudes and they throw killer parties. I strongly advocate for organizations that throw killer parties. Click here for Birthday Bash info.

If that’s not your bag, Gretchen and some other folks are playing the VFW. I think that’s a 21+ $5 show.

Ooh this sounds fun

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I restrain from linking to Oi! Is this Punk Rock every day, but this is too good:

Or is it like “Fuck yeah, let’s blast Carly Rae Jepsen while high on cough-syrup and punch out a window in your mum’s house while someone who everyone calls ‘Cowboy’ based purely on the fact that they once wore assless chaps to school carves the word irony but spells it I-R-O-N-N-E-Y into a counter-top” shits, because them shits need to be sprinkled like sweet strawberry-pop rain.

Photo highlights from Communist Daughter, Zoo City Apparel’s Ol’ Doris and Slatwall show

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Communist Daughter

Thanks so much to John Yingling, these photos are great! Communist Daughter played the VFW (if memory serves me correct) and a buncha bands played Zoo City including Swamp Ritual, the Mapgies, Slatwall and Ol’ Doris. See the full set here.

The Magpies

Ol’ Doris


What he said

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From Weird Missoula:

For instance, the very first week of October is going to blow your fucking mind. Big ups to some of our two favorite local promoters-slash-record-labels: Minor Bird and Wantage USA! Minor Bird is pulling in lauded former-Minuteman Mike Watt to Zoo City Apparel on Monday, October 1st and Wantage is the brain(s) behind the Thee Oh Sees (pictured above) and Sic Alps show at Zoo City Apparel on Tuesday, October 2nd. HOLY JESUS FUCK. I dunno if anybody remembers the last time Thee Oh Sees played the BSMT but dude…is it even possible to “sell out” the BSMT? They kinda did. Success!

Read more.

(Also, check the Independent for McMackin’s great story about Mike Watt. DON’T TELL HIM I SAID THIS, but he misspelled fIREHOSE as “Firehouse” on first reference, before a certain copy editor found the error, and Firehouse is a hilariously different band.)


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