Review: Motion City Soundtrack’s new album Go

September 5, 2012 § 2 Comments

LOOKIT!! The esteemed Grant brings us this review of Motion City Soundtrack’s new album Go:

As I write this review, I keep thinking back to all the times a Motion City Soundtrack record has been, if you will, a soundtrack to my life.

I was first introduced to this band junior year of high school by my girlfriend at the time who showed me the perfect makeout soundtrack, I Am The Movie. The band’s ability to be playful in songs (“The Future Freaks Me Out”) but also the ability craft a powerful, depressing song (“My Favorite Accident”) with tons of energy really drew me in. Their second outing, Commit This to Memory, is one of my favorite records, with themes of being able to smile through the depressing shit that guitar player/singer Justin Pierre was going through at the time. It really created an album of pure beauty. After that came a little stumble (Even If It Kills Me) and a solid major label debut (My Dinosaur Life) but now back at their home turf of Epitaph Records, Go shows a more mature, focused Motion City Soundtrack.

Motion City is one of the very few bands that have been able to ride the downturn of pop punk in the mainstream but I believe their reason for this success is that they don’t try to kid themselves and try to be a band they really aren’t. The songs on Go are ones you can tell they wanted to make and they did. While some of the “L.G. Faud”-esq playfulness might be absent a bit, the bands’ more mature route really shines in songs like “Timelines” and “The Worst is Yet to Come.” Overall, MCS has crafted an album that’s honest and they aren’t ashamed about it in the slightest.

With their return to the indie label (if you can call Epitaph that), Go has the feeling of a band being able to breathe, without trying to create that next Billboard-shattering-top-radio-40-better-make-the-label’s-money-back-pressure that I’m sure many bands feel when trying to craft a major label record release. While the album does induce some cringe-worthy lyrics (“Son of a Gun”) the band still presents a record that is catchy, experimental, and melodic while being straight-up honest to themselves. Motion City are back on their stride from My Dinosaur Life and with Go have now have put them back into a position where I am excited to see where they go next.

-Grant Geiger

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