You win some, you lose some

September 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

So I hear that two out of three shows last night were a bust–I’m told secondhand that nobody went to see Colleen Green, Plateaus and Nude Beach at Zoo City Apparel, so the show was canceled. Over at the VFW, Maria Minerva and Father Finger canceled when they couldn’t make it to Missoula, but locals Better Tennis and Modality still played.

BUT the free Badlander show was pretty goddamn rad. Somehow free shows are always more fun–there’s no pressure to get my money’s worth out of seeing the bands, plus I have an extra five bucks to drink on, so somehow it ends up being even more like a big party and I watch all of the bands anyway. Local sludgy metal dudes Swamp Ritual played with righteousness, sans technical issues. Then touring Wisconsin punks Arms Aloft effin’ ruled, blasting through a great set and telling stories about the Lab. Nude Beach came over and played great denim-y rock ‘n’ roll. Our newest metal/hardcore hometown fellas Consequence rounded out the evening with, among other things, an awesomely throat-screechy cover of Linoleum.

T’was delightful.

I have some photos of past shows that I’ll get around to posting soon, here, too.




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