oh hey it’s Halloween

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I reckon you folks can figure out what to do with yourselves. If I was in fightin’ shape, I’d be going to the Halloween to see the Danzig tribute band and Jeff Ament’s new thing. Word is the esteemed McMackin, MFA, will be wearing skinny black jeans.

As it is, your faithful editor feels near death, so she is staying in and watching Dead Alive.




major case of Festigue here

October 29, 2012 § 1 Comment

Hey guys. Me and Grant are chilling out trying to recover from Fest. It just…man. It was rad. I never want to see a can of PBR again in my life.

So bands I saw yesterday include Joyce Manor, Dear Landlord, Riverboat Gamblers, Off With Their Heads, Menzingers, Grade, Good Riddance and Propagandhi.

I can’t even bother to recap any of it because there’s no way. I don’t wanna make people more sick with jealousy than they already are. I cannot say enough good things about how well Fest is run, how nice all the Festies have been and how rad all the bands are. I’m going to be broke for a while, but it was so worth it.

Anyhoo, tonight in Missoula Bird’s Mile Home is opening for the Spittin’ Cobras. I think it’s at the Palace. My flight is tomorrow, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Hurricane Sandy won’t fuck up anything.


okay day two

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last night ruled. ton of bands. so tired now. will update more later.

Gainesville Fest day one recap for realsies

October 27, 2012 Comments Off on Gainesville Fest day one recap for realsies

Yesterday was the first day of Fest in Gainesville. It’s my third festival this year after Sasquatch and Total Fest, and it feels less like a music festival and more like a bunch of really good shows just happen to be going on at the same time in this cheap, awesome college town. Like my college town! But with palm trees! On the flight, I had several moments where I was like, “Why in the name of sweet baby Christ am I flying to motherloving Florida just to see punk bands?” Well, because why NOT fly to Florida to see punk bands! And of all people to come with, it’s awesome that Grant Geiger could, because he knows people in bands!

So who’d I see yesterday? After a rousing gator quesadilla at Boca Fiesta– where I mistook honey mustard for habanero sauce and had my sinuses very much cleared out– I went over to 8 Seconds (a cowboy-themed bar normally; how goddamn far do I have to go to get away from country bullshit?) and caught the last half of The Holy Mess, whom I am not familiar with but sounded rad.
Next up were the Dopamines, and I’m hard pressed to think of a band that sings more about prescription medication. Appropriately enough the lead singer started by saying, “I just took a bunch of Adderall so we’re going to get through this set in like half time,” and then they actually did get through their set fast and played more songs! They played all my favorites off Vices, which I’ve been listening to on repeat for weeks now.

Then we went from the neurotic, literate end of the pop punk spectrum to the mega-simple Ramonesy end with Mean Jeans. I had a bone to pick with them after I saw ’em in Portland this spring and was too tired to enjoy the show. They ruled and I sang along to every song. I noticed they played well but all three looked exhausted: people kept coming up to the stage with shots for them and they’d heave sighs and swill it.

Then I wandered over to The New Top Spot, a venue-in-progress, apparently, where I found Grant and we agreed the place looks like a civic center multipurpose room. The Shook Ones were finishing up an awesome set, and then the Copyrights played what felt like a short set of their hits.

G.G. King were scheduled next but canceled, and fellas called Here’s to Nathan subbed. I think they’re a newish Gainesville band– the lead singer said the 200 or so people in there were the biggest crowd they’d ever played for– and they did quite well, very solid and catchy rock. They play again on Sunday and I might try to catch them.

Anyway, then I got up front on the rail for the band I have been so fucking stoked to see for months: the Dwarves.

And holy shit.

Gray hair and all, Blag Dahlia can work a crowd and prances around like a crazed teenage dude. Rock and or roll. He stuck the mic in the our faces so we could sing along, so hi, yes people, I’m the girl up front who belted the choruses really off-key.

Dwarves ruled hard right up until Blag was crowdsurfing, thrown back onto the stage and fell into the drum kit in the middle of “Everybody’s Girl”….and they all shrugged and walked off without saying anything, ending 15 minutes early.


So next was Teenage Bottlerocket. I think I speak for many people there when I say we wish Dwarves had just come back and played another set.

Not to disparage Teenage Bottlerocket’s set: they were high energy and super fun. I’m told that the TBR dudes are arrogant jackasses, which is unfortunate–but seriously, if I start ruling out bands I like based on what I’m told about their personalities, it would make being a music fan a lot harder. I can’t judge a band by that, anyway, I kinda have to judge them on their performance like everybody else. TBR played a buncha the songs off their new album and a lot of old ones I haven’t heard them play live.

After that got out, I made it back to 8 Seconds in time to catch ten minutes of Latterman’s set, and people there were just bonkers. Latterman sound way better live than they do recorded. I kinda wish I’d seen more of that set.

K. So that’s the bands I saw. I think I’m going to nap for a bit before we get up and do round two!!!

Lessee, also: I also can’t get used to people being able to smoke in bars. This is so not good for me.

I have some shitty cellphone pictures; unfortunately the hotel wireless is too slow for the uploader to work. Speaking of the hotel, saw my first cockroach, all squashed on the stairs outside, and yeesh those things are gross.


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A proper recap of the first day of Fest is coming soon. If I wake up in time tomorrow.


Reel Big Fish rule.

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Hey guys. Guess who threw all sense to the wind and went to Reel Big Fish at the Wilma last night?

That’s right.

And it was SKAWESOME!!!! Beer was drank, kids did skank, I got clocked in the nose and might’ve punched a dude in the throat by accident, all ended marvelously. And it ended by 10 p.m., which allowed me to cavort afterwards and still get to bed reasonably and wake at the luxurious hour of 4:20 a.m. to get on a plane.

So I’m hanging out in the Gainesville airport right now, waiting for the esteemed Grant Geiger to arrive on his flight (we coordinated this trip badly). On the downside, the airport bar has already closed. On the plus side, me and Grant are making Fest buddies in our respective airports, which bodes well for the rest of the trip.


If you are in Missoula, you oughta go to the Zoo City Apparel show tonight. The Eeries are real good. I wrote about ’em for the Indy: “The Philadelphia trio’s latest, Home Alone, was recorded at a band member’s dad’s house in February, according to the Bandcamp page, and released as an LP on independent-punk-powerhouse Evil Weevil Records and a cassette on Burger Records… Home Alone delivers nothing but two-minute sweet treats with no fibrous filler to get in the way.”

Click here to read more about the Eeries.

Our own Spencer and a Chicago band called Makosica are also on the bill with King Elephant.

We’re off to see the Wizard…

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That’s an order.

The Badlander show last night was fun, though that’s ’cause the 10 or so people there were all delightful. I haven’t actually watched Modality in a long time, and they are strangely awesome. Remind me to propose that they get a go-go dancer a la Vile Blue Shades. I think that would really propel them into stardom.

Your faithful editor is packing (read: procrastinating on the internet) before flying to Gainesville tomorrow for Fest. I’m a little terrified already of all the people who want to live vicariously through me–I’ve been threatened with bodily injury if I don’t see Andrew Jackson Jihad, but there’s no way to see them and get to Propagandhi in time, so people, I will just do as I please. Also,  you cannot make me care about Latterman.

Anyhoo, have a lovely day. I’m spending an eternity in airports tomorrow, so I may be posting stuff while I’m hopped up on Dramamine.



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