Thursday nite! shows abound!

October 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hey kids, check the show calendar to your left to see the line-up of options besides the VFW.

There’s a house show on the southish side of town, so email me at if you want the address.

I believe the old Jay’s crowd is especially stoked for the VFW tonight, with VTO and a special Humpy show. From the Total Fest page: “You under/around thirty-somethings owe it to yourcollectiveselves to smell the glove, and come celebrate a time when bars smelled like vomit, clothing smelled like tar and nicotine after leaving those bars, and (most) drinks were free. It was a simpler, weirder, crustier time.”

While I don’t subscribe to old fogey beliefs that shows always used to be better–nostalgia is bullshit and us millennials can get pretty damn crusty ourselves–I am rather intrigued.




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