Review: Motion City Soundtrack at the Wilma, 10-19-12

October 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Designated Motion City Soundtrack Fan Grant– click here to read his review of MCS’s latest album— brings us this report:

The last time I saw Motion City Soundtrack was in Bozeman, during Warped Tour 2005. They got about two and half songs in before the PA broke, ending their set. When I heard they were coming to Missoula, I was pretty stoked that I’d finally get to see a complete set by one of my favorite bands.

Before the show, we had a little pregame session because having to pay $4 plus tip for a tallboy of Pabst is a crime. Adding the fact that bands opening for MCS aren’t probably bands I’d be totally into, then drinking beers was a great way to start the evening. While trying to down as many beers as I could while my stomach was full of veggie burger and fries, I missed the first band called Now, Now. I ran into some Great Falls friends who all seemed to enjoy the band. I did like Now, Now’s cat shirt they had for sale that said “Meow, Meow” though. Maybe next time?

The next band was Jukebox the Ghost, and within two songs I wished I’d kept on drinking cheap beer. This band was horrible, a guitar, drum and piano combo lamer than any 15-year-old’s high school band and it did not sit well with me so I just hung out in the lobby drinking overpriced beers. By the time I heard their dreadful cover of “I Just Wanna Dance With Somebody” I realized that I had made a great choice. After the dreaded music that came before, I was even more amped up to see MCS.

It was interesting to see the crowd makeup that night. I haven’t gone to many Wilma shows, but this was pretty small for a venue of its size. Besides parents with their kids in attendance, I think I was one of the handful of folks over the age of 21 there. It was all right though, because dammit, I felt like I was 16 with all the excitement building up. Finally, the lights went dim and the band came out on stage. They opened with “Worker Bee” and then right into one of my favorite songs, “My Favorite Accident.”

One thing that has always bothered me about MCS records is that the synth is always drowned within the recordings, but in the live setting it really stood out. MCS played a varied set that covered songs from almost all of their albums, while avoiding some of their cheesier songs. The only real stumble in the set was a cover song (I believe it was a Ben Folds’ song) that was just really awkward and kind of dumb. Throughout the entire set, frontman Justin Pierre was super humble and encouraged the audience to take pictures and video. He even asked the staff it was okay to do so. The band sounded super tight and they even changed my mind about some of the songs off of their new album, Go.

Overall, this was an awesome show that showcased a band that, while having some great successes over their carer, still come off as humble and kind as any band just getting their start. All though his voice was completely shot after singing, Pierre and his bandmates hung out after the show to meet with fans instead of retreating to the bus or green room. It’s a little gesture, but my respect for MCS is even higher than it was before. Although my throat is a little scratchy from pouring my lungs out singing along with the band, I don’t think I’ve left a bigger show like this one with a euphoric feeling of complete happiness and glee. I hope Pierre and crew plan on coming back soon because I could definitely get used to more Friday nights like these.

-Grant Geiger


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