We’re off to see the Wizard…

October 24, 2012 § Leave a comment


That’s an order.

The Badlander show last night was fun, though that’s ’cause the 10 or so people there were all delightful. I haven’t actually watched Modality in a long time, and they are strangely awesome. Remind me to propose that they get a go-go dancer a la Vile Blue Shades. I think that would really propel them into stardom.

Your faithful editor is packing (read: procrastinating on the internet) before flying to Gainesville tomorrow for Fest. I’m a little terrified already of all the people who want to live vicariously through me–I’ve been threatened with bodily injury if I don’t see Andrew Jackson Jihad, but there’s no way to see them and get to Propagandhi in time, so people, I will just do as I please. Also,  you cannot make me care about Latterman.

Anyhoo, have a lovely day. I’m spending an eternity in airports tomorrow, so I may be posting stuff while I’m hopped up on Dramamine.




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