Final Magpies residency with Tonight We Ride, more from Burn Burn Burn

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Mmm yeah the mic likes it like that

Excitement! So tonight’s the final Magpies residency at the VFW, 245 W. Main St., and they’re joined by Helena’s Tonight We Ride and Spencer. All three acts are pretty rad. 21+. Two dollars, I think.

If you’d rather goof off on the internet and reminisce, more photos are up from Burn Burn Burn’s trek through Montana. Photos from their set at the VFW in Missoula are here and more of their own personal tour diary is here. (Lovely fellows. But next time, turn the goddamn lights down during your set. Love, all of us awkward nerds.)



Turbo Fruits tonight!

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Lest we forget– and I hope not, just about every print outlet in town has covered it– Turbo Fruits are tonight at the VFW, with openers the Boxcutters and Boys. Here’s the Facebook event. I mighta wrote some stuff about ’em for the Indy:

“What is this strange, magical phenomenon called Turbo Fruits? The Nashville garage rock band was formed around 2005, and appears to have almost instantly notched several marks of indie success including making appearances at Reading and Leeds in 2006 and at SXSW from 2007 to 2011, recording a song for the Whip It! soundtrack and touring in support of Jay Reatard, Dinosaur Jr. and Deer Tick.”

Read more here. It’s $7 at the door, 21+.

(I love the shit out of that album cover.)


Some interesting reading: thoughts on race and punk rock

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I wanted to say something smart about how people of color participate in punk rock, but a decent introduction fails me. A whole lot of white kids love punk rock! But punk rock isn’t just for, by or about white kids! Anyway, I read this Maximum Rocknroll piece on it and it’s fabulous. Go check it out if you’re interested in inclusivity and diversity in the scene:

Punk, we are told by Duncombe and Tremblay, is a quintessentially Anglo/American phenomenon primarily of/by/for disaffected white kids who either consciously or subconsciously (in the form of their anti-establishment posture) believe themselves to have transcended their own racial privilege. Whether they paint themselves as “white negroes” (White Riot starts of with a famous essay by Norman Mailer of that name, implicitly tracing punk’s lineage through American bohemian movements) or as “racetraitors” (the authors remind us of the thusly named—and terrible!—’90s HC band), punks are white (often middle class and suburban) folks anxious about race and their relationship to it. In other words, punk has primarily been a site where alternative models of whiteness—mostly oppositional, sometimes anti-racist, but always constitutively white—have been articulated. With this framing, the central question of whether or not punk can ever be anything other than (just) a white riot guides the editors through their project.

This insistence that punk travels from “the West” to “the rest”—a typical imperial trope here espoused by self-proclaimed anti-racists—ironically mirrors and reproduces racist assumptions that “the rest” of the world is living in a belated present, and that their today is not coterminous with “ours” but rather with an era that for “us”—and there is no mistaking who “we” are in this argument—is fully in the rear-view mirror.

(And yeah, I’m not in college anymore so reading dense academic stuff is kind of awesome again.)


Mother Jones talks Dischord’s past and present

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From Mother Jones:

“Dischord hasn’t changed much in 30 years—its contracts are still informal, sealed with a handshake—but it no longer has a stable of artists that can draw thousands of people to a show or headline major music festivals. With only a handful of active bands remaining on the label, it might be tempting to question whether it still plays an important role, but the musicians say that’s missing the point.”

Seeking: End of the Year Top 10 Lists

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Hey kids! It’s almost time for the completely arbitrary and random Top 10 list! Mine, of course, is a carefully curated selection of pop punk. Anyhoo, a few folks plan on writing top 10s for Missoula Punk News, and we’ll start running those this weekend. If you wanna get in on the fun, email me! It’s cooler than just posting a Facebook status!

The format’s not set in stone. I just remembered the bands that I listened to the most this year, regardless of when the music itself was released, and wrote some blurbs about why I liked it. You’re welcome to play around.


The King Elephant/Shitty Weekend split! It’s ALIIIIVE!

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Coolio, the King Elephant/Shitty Weekend split has come to fruition! Click here for the Shitty Weekend side and click here for the King Elephant side.

Joey keeps bugging me to get a proper profile of King Elephant on here, which strangely legitimizes this goofy blog o’ mine if people take it that seriously, but honestly, I am not qualified to write it on account of bias. (I can be unbiased about, say, Buddy Jackson, because those guys are dummies, obviously.) King Elephant is awesome, the culmination of all the sounds I like to hear, all fast punk rock and desperate vocals and an “uncool” level of passion. With such talented, angsty and cute dudes in the band, they have a lot going for them. I sincerely hope they can go far. And that somebody else writes the proper review for me.

King Elephant on Facebook.

King Elephant’s full length, Exhaust, on Bandcamp.



Burn Burn Burn post tour recap

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Burn Burn Burn, some lovely fellas from Tacoma, graced Montana recently and some photos of our dear state appear in their tour diary! It’s a great set of photos if you’re familiar with any of the areas in Oregon and Washington that they toured through, too, or if you like lookin’ at tattooed dudes.

I, uh, certainly don’t.

This is Part 1 of the diary, ending at Helena… perhaps the Missoula shenanigans are in a post to come.


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