Are there any goths in Missoula? Good question.

November 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

One of the top searches this week leading to MPN was “any goths in Missoula.” Aaaaaaand…yeah. This website is prolly not going to particularly helpful for that query. Do they still put on Dark Dreams, the goth dance night? (I can’t bring myself to say ‘rave.’) I used to go to Dark Dreams pretty regularly during some dark days of my misspent youth because it was one of few nighttime activities that were 18+ and what my friends at the time were really into. I mostly just remember wearing all my black clothes at once and watching handfuls of other sober people in black leather platforms awkwardly knee-bending on a sparse dance floor to industrial music. Sometimes it was fun. When I’d pregamed heavily. (Oh, the one night where they had BDSM enthusiasts demonstrate artful whipping was definitely worth the cover.)

Now, mercifully, I am over 21 and my friends are into music I actually like.

So, to whichever high school kid is hoping to find a goth community: Come to Missoula anyway, because we’re pretty welcoming of weirdos and you might even find a clique you like better.


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