Shahs residency at the VFW tonight!

December 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

IMG_0051It’s Thursday, which means there’s a residency show at the VFW! The inimitable Shahs is joined by Monster with 21 Faces and J. Sherri. 10 p.m., TWO DOLLARS (not five.)

J. Sherri in particular are new on the Missoula tunage scene and there’s a wee bit of a write-up about it in the Independent by yours truly:

Sadly, it’s a more common sight than not at a local show: While the band plays, a handful of people stand around in clusters, hands firmly in hoodie pockets, nodding politely to the beat or nursing cans of beer.

But J. Sherri will not stand for apathetic crowds. J. Sherri is not too cool to let loose. J. Sherri is here to get feet moving and hips wiggling. “We definitely encourage grinding on each other,” says singer and guitarist Lukas Phelan, who calls himself J. Sherri.

Click here to read more.

(Photo by John Yingling.)


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