Kate’s Top Ten Bands of 2012, Part Two

December 20, 2012 § 1 Comment

Stuff I enjoyed the hell outta this year. Now with 6 through 10!! Read Part One here.

bj6. Buddy Jackson, for the toe-tapping, clever and crabby tunes on Impound EP. I would like Buddy Jackson even more if I didn’t have deep reservations about the character of most of the band. It ruins everything if I say Buddy Jackson songs make me feel feelings, because that would be like Tim and Nick having feelings like I do, and that can’t be true because they are jackasses. Grant is cool. I neglected to mention that he is an awesome drummer in my review for the Independent, and I’m sorry. Grant is definitely the glue that holds the band together. 10 out of 10 Lawdogs.

7. Lady Gaga. “Edge of Glory.” Haters can bite me. I love this song and the video and all of it. I want to frolic on a fire escape wearing nothing but studded black leather belts, but lacking those things, I’ll just dance around in my room living vicariously through her. Okay, this is one is a tie with “Put A Ring On It,” because Beyonce is also a great motivator on slow Friday nights at work. Bear with me here. “If You Valued Our Relationship, You Would Have Made a Commitment” would be much less catchy. Ten out of ten embarrassing dances I do at home alone.

IAR668. Dopamines. This is one of those bands that sneaks up on you: You download an album of their desperate prescription-addled pop songs, you aren’t super-impressed upon first listen, and yet you keep playing it. And playing it. When I really paid attention to “10 Stories,” the whole band just clicked for me. I know what it’s about– the lead singer struggling with addiction in front of his wife– but it’s such an understandable pean to being fucked up and in love and falling on your face. It’s also the one and only song in the history of ever that uses the phrase “make love” in a non-cringeworthy way. Five out of five coffee jitters. Go listen to it.

9. Two Gallants. This is the mournful Americana band I play on hungover mornings when I’m feeling kinda guilty but mostly pleased– a distinctly ex-Catholic emotion, I suspect. Their first album in years is excellent, all driving and anthemic in places without losing the country feel. I get the most awful grin listening to the creepy “Love Won’t Wait.”

torche10. Torche’s Harmonicraft. I love Total Fest, though 90 percent of the line-up is bands that aren’t generally my cup of tea. I’d heard a lot of hype for Torche but didn’t expect to like their brand of melodious metal quite so much. It ruled. I got gnarly bruises and lost my earplug during their set at the Badlander. I’ve had “Kiss Me Dudely” on my iPod shuffle ever since. Five out of five cases of tinnitus.

SPECIAL BONUS! Glossary. Another one of my favorite hangover cures. These Tennessee folks make sweet, smart, heartachey Americana without relying on any cliches, which is pretty tough to do. Just listen to Some Eternal Spark: “You know the stars all died a long time ago, so make a wish on a satellite and hold it close… I’ve seen the Northern Lights, but girl, you make the south seem brighter, so let me be with you tonight.” Ain’t nothing about no honky tonk in there, but it works just fine. Ten out of ten slow dances.

Other things I listened to: Cory Branan’s new record Mutt (meh), Gateway District’s album that came out in late 2011 (has good moments), Micah Schnabel’s second solo album (Not as great as the first) Murder By Death’s new album (real good) Nu Sensae (fuckin’ rad) Limp Wrist (queer hardcore fuck yeah) Waxahatchee (depressing) Against Me! (forever my favorite band) and a shit ton of Prince (you know, Prince.)

I also really wanted to put the killer Portland band Divers on the top 10 list but they haven’t released enough recordings to make a proper judgment. The two songs they have released are stellar. Listen and download Glass Chimes and Montrose.

My Top 10 2012 Part One is here.

So what did YOU like, eh? Email missoulapunknews@gmail.com if you wanna send me a top 10 list.


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