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Hey guys. Your faithful editor is busy ‘n such, but enjoy this, the first (and, please God, only) Buddy Jackson fanfic, inspired by the recent Facebook trend of giving each other bands to talk about. Names have been removed to protect the not-innocent.

(I 100 percent did not write this and am not responsible. Enjoy.)

Band: Buddy Jackson (sorry, guys: that insufferable dirtmonger, [redacted] is responsible for this. Take all complaints up with unspeakable her)

Provided by: <unspeakable>

First Exposure: My wildest, most sensual dreams.

Fan?: I don’t know that that word goes far enough…”sexual devotee” springs to mind…

The person who gave me Buddy Jackson? Her band was “Less Than Jake” and she can only sing along to “Johnny Quest…” and….bwa…bwwaugh…”Rest of My Life.” So, ya know…make fun of her for that…

ANYWAY…My first exposure to Buddy Jackson came many years ago, now–though it still feels like just yesterday. It was springtime, on a Saturday. I was but an unspoilt flower, all bright, blue eyes, pigtails and unsoiled hope. The early May sunshine shone off my golden ringlets like the eyes of 30 angels…that’s when Nick arrived…he came striding through that field of breeze-blown dandelions, all Kate Moss confidence and Rob Schneider sex appeal. “Hey…I’m Nick…” he said. It was my 15th year…

I remember being shocked at how gentle his actions were, given his rough manner of speech. “KEEP QUIET, YOU!” he intoned huskily, I a nubile rose in his workman’s grasp…

This continued on for some time until Grant showed up. “Will you guys quit yer dad burned foolin’ and look alive!? Cripes, Big Daddy’s about to roll up!” He seemed distressed, frightened…and, yet, aroused in his own way. While Nick cursed at the sky, I merely beckoned Mr. Atticus to join in this Olympics of self-discovery. He declined with a demure giggle. I thought it cute…But his fear did not abate…

Just then, those green and gold swathed, sunbathed hills shook and the ground of the earth parted. In a great flash of smoke and fire, Timmy appeared. “…God…DAMN!” he exclaimed, voice booming with profane, abyssal might. Then, though, he laughed–a peal of heavenly mirth expressed in hellish tones. The incongruity and sensuality of it all nearly overwhelmed me. But, with the perseverance of a seasons veteran, I soldiered on through those verdant waves of swaying pleasure.

Arrowtop regarded the scene coolly for a time. After that, he placed his fists on his hips and threw his baleful head back, his locks of jet streaming in the springtime wind. “HA HA HAA!” he bellowed, his bassoon voice washing over the three of us, like a blessing from a hallowed ancestor. “Time’s up, shitstains! We gotta be gettin’ back to 5th circle before Abalam finds up missin’! Now come to papa!”

With that, both Nick and Grant scampered over to Timmy–on all fours, as adorably as you please. Each of them wrapped his arms about one of Timmy’s legs, pursing his supple, fallen-angel lips. With that, a pair snow white eagle wings, full 15 feet across seemed to sprout from Timmy’s buttocks. He placed one burly arm around each of his comrades’ shoulders, laughed a laugh of otherworldly joy and ascended into the firmament………

I have never seen Timmy, Grant, OR Nick since……but my mind, my heart and my body remember them…And THAT’S BUDDY JACKSON!



Links for Monday

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So, lessee what we’ve got around the internet lately….

Open Mic Night, hosted by Joey Running Crane, is tonight at the VFW around 10, with 2-for-1 drinkies. I hear a certain very sexy bartender is working.

Some Missoula folks are doing Rock ‘n Roll Lotto! Musicians put their names in and were assigned to bands by a random drawing. Weird Missoula has more info. I’m excited to see what kind of weird franken-bands and goofy fights start…

Here’s how to make Thai Green Curry paste and freeze it so you can use it whenever. (Look, I have nowhere else to post foodie things since I gave up on Poor, Drunk and Hungry.)

Tyson Ballew, former Missoulian, Tummy Rock Records honcho and pop-hook writin’ guy, put out a b-sides album of recent songs on Bandcamp.

Here’s 28 Common Racist Behaviors.

Swingin’ Utters are putting out a new album soon and here’s a track off it to stream. My favorite Swingin’ Utters song will always and forever be their version of Eddie’s Teddy from Rocky Horror Punk Show.

Lawrence Arms are supposed to have finished writing their new album, and I’m not going to link anywhere because you likely knew that already. I can’t let myself get excited for something that’s probably really far off.

Really contemplating getting my Black Flag tattoo covered up somehow. (JK. I would never get rid of something that so clearly demarcates what a dweeb I am.)

I think Discräsia is a Brazilian band. Their hardcore sounds really rad even on a shitty home video.

Oh wait, this video is better:

Happy Monday!

A melty Saturday

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Hey kids! I’ve been tromping around in the slush today.

So this evening, there’s a free show at Sean Kelly’s with Black Mountain Moan and the Boxcutters. Both very solid bands. 21+, starts about 10 I think.

There’s also a drag show out at Deano’s, the casino in the Big Sky Brewery neighborhood, and your faithful editor has some nearest and dearest performing.

So be safe, the roads will be icy as all hell.



linky links for today

January 25, 2013 § 1 Comment

hauntedmazeFirstly, there’s a free show at the Palace tonight with Haunted Maze, Shahs, Boys and DJ/MG. Here’s the Facebook event. Here’s where you can listen to Haunted Maze on Bandcamp.

I started listening to Minor Threat when I was 15, and I’ll probably listen to ’80s-style hardcore even when I’m an old lady. There’s cool sciencey reasons why! The whole article’s an interesting take on the high school experience.

Historic food stuff! Here’s the menu from Lincoln’s inauguration. Beef a-la-mode meant something different then, turns out.

Tine showed me a Leslie Hall video and now I’m obsessed.This is how we go out, indeed. I need those outfits.

Buddy Jackson officially suck now, since they have a review on Also, can I use this moment to complain about how Punk News reviews never link to info about the band that isn’t off their site? I’m a good Googler and all but sometimes I read an interesting review and then have no idea how to go listen to the band it talks about.

Also, “good Googler” is fun to say as a mild cuss word. Good Googler, Charlie Brown.

The Bronx are streaming another track from their upcoming fifth album over at Spin. Let’s not let the mariachi thing distract from what a sweet growly band this is.

I’m checking out this site, For the Love of Punk, which says it covers Montana, Wyoming and Colorado scenes. I’m not finding a whole lot on there about Montana, but some great content like a video for a new Drag the River song. (Also, I believe that no band does sad-sack country punk better than Drag the River.)

I know linking to Buzzfeed is cheating, but anyway, here’s What Happened to the Dudes in Mean Girls. Some of them are less cute. Some of them are more cute.

Gutpunks is a body-positive Tumblr of punks with guts. NSFW.

And lastly, this is a really neat poster for a show in Portland that I cannot go to. Fuckity fuck.


Your hump day roundup

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Heh heh, hump day.

Black metal garden gnome via Punk Rock Homesteading, which, if you don’t ‘like’ on Facebook, you oughta.

Here’s REM’s Losing My Religion shifted into a major scale. It’s… weird. It sounds way perkier.

Lifehacker has “Use the Socratic Method to Win Arguments” but there is no argument on earth that will convince my roommates that it’s unfair that I buy 16-packs of toilet paper when it’s my turn and they buy 8-packs when it’s their turn. Sorry for the whining there, BUT SERIOUSLY.


First there was Brutal Knitting to subvert ideas about handcrafts, and now here’s Fire and Icing Cakes. Holy weird-ass cakes, batman. I want one for my birthday. The tentacled Cinderella one a few pages in is my favorite.

Here’s Missoula’s Top 10 Hottest Male Bartenders. I know, it’s silly. And obviously weighted toward Elbow Room patrons, and uuuuugh Elbow Room. But Weird Missoula’s Tom Helgerson made the list so let’s all tease him!

Today’s linky roundup

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Dirtnap Records, one of my favoritest labels for rad pop punk, has a free sampler of music released in 2012.

Here’s some gnarly hardcore by a band called Dissekerad. I think it’s Swedish.

There’s a new Myspace. lololololz

Bad Religion’s new album is streaming on YouTube. Meh.

It’s Anti-Flag’s 20th anniversary, which I can’t even wrap my head around.

I’m not a huge comics reader, but I like ’em on occasion. The Escher Girls tumblr is fascinating to click through– it points out how silly spine-contorted poses just to show off tits and ass are, and often redraws characters to look less screwy.

king elephantSome pretty rad shots of King Elephant, taken by Tim Goessman, from Saturday’s Birthdayfest at Zoo City Apparel are up on their Facebook page.


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It’s Monday! Other than Open Mic Night at the VFW, there’s not much going on.

So enjoy this picture, I guess? Via Punk Rock Homesteading.


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