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January 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

So, lessee what we have on the internets today…

I Saw Assuck When I Was 15 And It Was Sick.” The title delivers.

Not that I even really care but people are excited for the new Alkaline Trio album? I didn’t realize they were even still recording.

On my list of Why The Hell Haven’t I Seen This Totally Amazing Northwest Band yet, the Spits. Reading the Stranger just gets me all antsy sometimes.

Fun winter project: Buy a dozen or so lemons, a bottle of vodka and make limoncello. I’m stoked to see how mine turns out.

Winter was made for gnarly metal and hardcore. Enabler’s All Hail the Void album is perking me right up.

I really like this Tumblr called Hey, Fat Chick. It’s daily pictures of fat ladies in cute outfits. Body acceptance! Punx!

The Zoo Music Awards need voters! Several notable bands are nominated, including folks we’ve plugged here on MPN like Buddy Jackson. Go check out the Heavy Metal/Punk page and vote for bands that don’t suck.

Now, let me expound for a moment. I work for the Independent, which is a sponsor of the awards, and I’ve been asked to judge the metal/punk music showcase. They offered me drink tokens. Of course I said yes.

I know a lot of folks don’t like the idea of the Zoo Music awards, and think it’s just a popularity contest. Duh, it’s a popularity contest. What about a small-town local music scene ISN’T? People go to see their friends’ bands. I mostly choose which shows to go to because I have buddies who are playing or who are going to be there. So do you. I don’t remember seeing a ton of people complaining that KBGA’s KBandGA contest is unfair or bad for positive community development.

Rather than passive-aggressively complain about the Zoo Music awards or sit at home posting on Facebook and feeling sour, if you think they’re stupid, by far the best thing to do would be to fuck with the concept. Enter your band and then get up on stage and do a set of acoustic Ke$ha covers and give a monologue about how popularity is stupid. Get all your friends to vote for you and then get up, smear jelly on your head and walk out. Strip down to your underwear and bang a tambourine outside the venue. (That last one is probably Bad Naked’s plan, though.)

My point is that it would be far more punk rock to actively make a statement about how you think something is silly. You’d probably get a lot more laughs and your band would get a lot more attention. I plan to go and enjoy the hell out of whatever bands I get to hear, and I just might try to vote for the band that’s the most talented and most deserving of a boost.


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