Your hump day roundup

January 23, 2013 § Leave a comment


Heh heh, hump day.

Black metal garden gnome via Punk Rock Homesteading, which, if you don’t ‘like’ on Facebook, you oughta.

Here’s REM’s Losing My Religion shifted into a major scale. It’s… weird. It sounds way perkier.

Lifehacker has “Use the Socratic Method to Win Arguments” but there is no argument on earth that will convince my roommates that it’s unfair that I buy 16-packs of toilet paper when it’s my turn and they buy 8-packs when it’s their turn. Sorry for the whining there, BUT SERIOUSLY.


First there was Brutal Knitting to subvert ideas about handcrafts, and now here’s Fire and Icing Cakes. Holy weird-ass cakes, batman. I want one for my birthday. The tentacled Cinderella one a few pages in is my favorite.

Here’s Missoula’s Top 10 Hottest Male Bartenders. I know, it’s silly. And obviously weighted toward Elbow Room patrons, and uuuuugh Elbow Room. But Weird Missoula’s Tom Helgerson made the list so let’s all tease him!


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