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January 25, 2013 § 1 Comment

hauntedmazeFirstly, there’s a free show at the Palace tonight with Haunted Maze, Shahs, Boys and DJ/MG. Here’s the Facebook event. Here’s where you can listen to Haunted Maze on Bandcamp.

I started listening to Minor Threat when I was 15, and I’ll probably listen to ’80s-style hardcore even when I’m an old lady. There’s cool sciencey reasons why! The whole article’s an interesting take on the high school experience.

Historic food stuff! Here’s the menu from Lincoln’s inauguration. Beef a-la-mode meant something different then, turns out.

Tine showed me a Leslie Hall video and now I’m obsessed.This is how we go out, indeed. I need those outfits.

Buddy Jackson officially suck now, since they have a review on Also, can I use this moment to complain about how Punk News reviews never link to info about the band that isn’t off their site? I’m a good Googler and all but sometimes I read an interesting review and then have no idea how to go listen to the band it talks about.

Also, “good Googler” is fun to say as a mild cuss word. Good Googler, Charlie Brown.

The Bronx are streaming another track from their upcoming fifth album over at Spin. Let’s not let the mariachi thing distract from what a sweet growly band this is.

I’m checking out this site, For the Love of Punk, which says it covers Montana, Wyoming and Colorado scenes. I’m not finding a whole lot on there about Montana, but some great content like a video for a new Drag the River song. (Also, I believe that no band does sad-sack country punk better than Drag the River.)

I know linking to Buzzfeed is cheating, but anyway, here’s What Happened to the Dudes in Mean Girls. Some of them are less cute. Some of them are more cute.

Gutpunks is a body-positive Tumblr of punks with guts. NSFW.

And lastly, this is a really neat poster for a show in Portland that I cannot go to. Fuckity fuck.



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  • 4loveofpunk says:

    Thanks for the link guys. We tried hard to spread to Montana and are still trying, it’s tough to get people lined up in new towns being a fairly new ezine. You guys are doing great work and glad we found ya. 😉

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