Links for Monday

January 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

So, lessee what we’ve got around the internet lately….

Open Mic Night, hosted by Joey Running Crane, is tonight at the VFW around 10, with 2-for-1 drinkies. I hear a certain very sexy bartender is working.

Some Missoula folks are doing Rock ‘n Roll Lotto! Musicians put their names in and were assigned to bands by a random drawing. Weird Missoula has more info. I’m excited to see what kind of weird franken-bands and goofy fights start…

Here’s how to make Thai Green Curry paste and freeze it so you can use it whenever. (Look, I have nowhere else to post foodie things since I gave up on Poor, Drunk and Hungry.)

Tyson Ballew, former Missoulian, Tummy Rock Records honcho and pop-hook writin’ guy, put out a b-sides album of recent songs on Bandcamp.

Here’s 28 Common Racist Behaviors.

Swingin’ Utters are putting out a new album soon and here’s a track off it to stream. My favorite Swingin’ Utters song will always and forever be their version of Eddie’s Teddy from Rocky Horror Punk Show.

Lawrence Arms are supposed to have finished writing their new album, and I’m not going to link anywhere because you likely knew that already. I can’t let myself get excited for something that’s probably really far off.

Really contemplating getting my Black Flag tattoo covered up somehow. (JK. I would never get rid of something that so clearly demarcates what a dweeb I am.)

I think Discräsia is a Brazilian band. Their hardcore sounds really rad even on a shitty home video.

Oh wait, this video is better:

Happy Monday!


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