Last King Elephant residency Thursday nite

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Oh hey. King Elephant, Magpies and I forget who else play the VFW Thursday for the last February residency. Two dollas. Twenty one plus.

Here’s a thing I found amusing.


As you were.


Oh, by the way, Rock ‘n’ Roll Lotto ruled

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bonerfestRock ‘n’ Roll Lotto: One of the funnest things ever. People from different scenes got drunk together! Bands made weirdly awesome music together! I got a free CD! Vomit Cop totally destroyed!

Weird Missoula has some more things to say:

“Right here, right now, we demand that this happen again. And again. And again and again and again until our little Missoula music scene can transcend its own barriers and breach the ridiculous dams of genre, ability, and taste.”

Having had a good vantage point for almost the entire thing, I have to say that when people decide something is truly for kicks and give up ideas of being a “serious” band or whatever, some really rad shit happens. Risks are taken. Union suits are worn. Goofy British accents are used. I, personally, wouldn’t be averse to each and every one of the bands that played to continue. I should have gotten a Traumaboner shirt.

(Also, my Vomit Cop shirt was cool, but Elise’s tribute to Vomit Cop/Traumaboner/Toto Fest is pretty rad also.)

Rock ‘n’ roll lotto tonight at the VFW

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Rock ‘n’ roll lotto. If you dunno what it is, Weird Missoula explains.

One band of overachievers has already released a flippin’ promo video.

And you bet your ass I already made a Vomit Cop shirt.

Party on.


Tonight! Happy Birthday to Grant!

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It’s the esteemed Grant Geiger’s birthday on the 24th, and there’s an acoustic bash at the VFW to celebrate! Grant describes it as a “mellow celebration” on the Facebook but dudes plus beers plus guitars generally never equals mellow in my book. Rad.

Here’s the lineup, from Facebook::


Fun starts at 8, $2 at the Ole Beck VFW.

Also: This is a thing that came up when I googled “Birthday Cat.”


Carry on.

party time excellent

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This just in: KBGA got Andrew W.K. for Fool’s Night Out on April 12.

tom petty versus the world

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This is going on! Thursday! Poster by Reggie and Dave Johnson, I believe.


Links for your Monday

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I think the next big show event-type dealio is Thursday at the VFW, when King Elephant continues their residency. Shramana is doing a Black Flag cover set. King Elephant is doing a Tom Petty cover set. This makes total sense. And Saturday at the VFW, the Rock ‘n Roll Lotto bands are supposed to play.

In the meantime, here’s entertaining linkage…

Like a free 13-song comp of Colorado bands like The Gamits, the knew, Tin Horn Prayer.

And this free comp has an acoustic song from Cheap Girls, Arliss Nancy and more.

Henry Rollins is doing a column for the LA Weekly– amusingly filed under the category of “Henry Rollins!” and here’s a good one on the GOP’s Disdain for Women: “These people hate women. To them, women are murderous sluts when they want health care, uppity feminazis when they dare to consider themselves citizens of the republic, yet totally hot when they are working in porn videos.”

You betcha I’m stoked that Streetlight Manifesto is putting out their first proper new record since 2007. Fun fact: I have seen them three times with no deliberate effort on my part.

DIY folk-punks Mischief Brew put out three new songs on iTunes, which I’m sure all their anarcho-punk fans will be thrilled with.

Here’s a cute pop punk band called the Bluffingtons to listen to on Bandcamp. KBGA DJs might recognize one of the band members…

Oh, and Powerviolence Cats.


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