Zoo City Apparel closing in March

February 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

Ah hell. And another DIY, all ages venue strikes the dust: Zoo City Apparel announced today it’s closing after it runs through the planned shows for February. Here’s the ZCA Facebook status:

“Folks, we have some big news to announce- our friends and neighbors at the Green Light are taking over sales of the 406 line this week. What started as a random suggestion given to me by my good friend Michael Schweizer back in 2006 (some of you may remember me from then as a guy with a bike trailer selling hand printed Ts on the street) has since grown into it’s own brand of Montana clothing. Frankly, I’ve always felt a little overwhelmed by it’s success. I’m a designer, a screen printer and just a regular dude first and foremost. I did the best I could with it but I’ve frequently wished that I had the time and drive to do more with 406; get it to more areas of the state, with more variety and selection. I’m satisfied and confident that Green Light can make that happen.

Zoo City Apparel will still be printing all the 406 merch so you know it will be the same high quality you’ve come to expect. Further, we have taken this transition as an opportunity to attach legal covenants to 406 dictating that it must be sourced from products that are made in Montana and in the U.S.A. first and then locally, regionally, nationally, and if no other options exist, internationally, in that order, so you can also rest assured your dollars are staying as local and stateside as possible.

You’ll be able to get your 406 gear at the Green Light downtown at 301 N. Higgins, (corner of b-way and Higgins), online and at select Montana retailers.

Zoo City Apparel will be arranging itself to best accommodate the new relationship by closing it’s downtown location in March (open until then and we even have a sale going on all month) but will be open for business selling Zoo City designs online, in other stores and continuing to offer custom screen printing at the company’s expanded printshop inside the Ceretana building.

While we’re very happy with the arrangement overall, this is a downer for all of us as fans of the all-ages, DIY music we have hosted here. Shows will still run as scheduled through February, but without our downtown location we will no longer have the capacity to offer a low/no cost, all ages, byob, venue for Missoula. But, man, what a good time we had while it was here. Cheers to all of you who came out for a show at Zoo CIty.

We are not going out of business! In fact, we’re adding another press to our print shop and will be more equipped than ever to take on your custom printing orders. Also look out for Zoo City’s Spring/Summer ’13 line on our updated webstore, in local stores and at the markets.

Missoula, and all you Montanans at heart out there, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support and good company at our downtown location these last two and a half years. Know that our leaving downtown is not from lack of support or love from this community. Thanks for the good times and we’ll see you soon.”



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