Some words on RVIVR

March 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

RVIVR’s new album, The Beauty Between, is out now on Rumbletowne Records for download. Wee!

In the Independent, I wrote a bit about it: “Melodic, catchy, inspiringly fast and anthemic, while keeping a certain amount of grit, the album makes me want to tear off my jacket and jump into the nearest sweaty pit by the second song.”

And what I touched on in my short review, but didn’t have the space for, was discussing that I’ve heard a lot of shit talk about the RVIVR members. Joe Briggs also says what I feel: “Me, I probably agree with them on like 97% of the shit they believe, and while they may seem to be abrasive arseholes a bunch of the time, if I didn’t listen to music made by abrasive arseholes I wouldn’t listen to anything really.”




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