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Hey, internets. ‘Sup?


King Elephant is streaming a couple new tracks on Bandcamp. Those goofy kids.

It’s windy and lousy outside and I am crabby. I have the perfect playlist for this, though: Joyce Manor and Secret Plot to Destroy the Entire Universe and Cheap Girls and the National.

Tonight, Street Gnar, Bacon and Egg, Shahs and J. Sherri play the VFW. 18-plus! Looks to be a classy kinda night. Click here to check out some of Street Gnar’s stuff.



Watch the King Elephant documentary

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Picture 4

Hey kids! The King Elephant documentary is out. I haven’t had time to watch it yet, but you shoulda oughta.


Tonight! First show at the ZACC basement in years!

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This is happening. The Funs, Criminal Code, King Elephant and Needlecraft at the ZACC basement. All ages, starts at 8 p.m. Rad. They’re pretty serious about no alcohol inside the venue, BTW.

criminal code

Hump day!

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Lesseee…. tomorrow is the third week of Vera’s residency at the VFW! Not sure if anything is going on this evening.

But I was directed to this free sampler from A389 records, which is as metal and ridiculous as you’d guess from the album cover. That is, it is excellent. Bands include Iron Reagan, Homewrecker, Weekend Nachos, Moloken, Classhole and more.

last-minute Tuesday show!

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So if you couldn’t make it out last night (look, when it’s windy, I go to bed at 9:30, okay? Bite me) here’s another chance to catch Night Nurses and Agatha, the latter of which were stuck in a snowstorm and couldn’t play last night. VFW. Not sure if there’s a cover. Party!

Tonight! Loma Prieta! Agatha! Night Nurses! King Elephant!

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Agatha is a rad Seattle band that hasn’t played Missoula in a few years. Here’s some of what Brooks Johnson had to say about it at the Indy: “This is not your grandma Agatha’s favorite album, unless your grandma raised you on power chords. This Seattle quartet is punk only the Northwest could produce, with its hands-in-your-pockets-while-it-rains tonality and boundless minor chords.”

Go check the show calendar for more details. This is 18 plus and $5, I believe.

(Fun fact: There’s also an Italian metal band called Agatha. That is not playing here. Lolz.)

when it’s time to party we will party hard

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You guys. Fool’s Night Out. It’s time to par-tay.

May I suggest that you peruse the Independent for more information about zee party. And for Andrew W.K.’s explanation of what partying precisely is.

See you there.

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