No, no it cannot

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Here’s an article I’m going to read later and think about, “Can Pop Punk Age Gracefully?” My knee-jerk reaction is “No, and why would anyone want to?”


Metal house show tonight!

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Hey kids. Grunt is playing a record release show, with Mahamawaldi and others, at the Hammer Haus tonight. I can only guess as to how gnarly Grunt is, given the name. Check out the Facebook page.

trouble will find me

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Hey internet-land.

There’s a new Lemuria track streaming. Their new album comes out on clear vinyl with a flower print. Neat! Although I don’t know how to feel that NPR’s All Songs Considered recommends them and the Front Bottoms.

They announced Fest 12 in Gainesville and Dillinger Four, Samiam and Paint it Black are among the dozens of bands. I already bought my ticket. Yessss. If anybody else is going, I could really use a Montana buddy there.

In festivals that are hella closer to Montana, Riot Fest is expanding to Denver in late September. Totally going if they bring rad bands.

The new National album is out and I goddamn love it. Not pertaining to punk rock, but whatever. I actually bought the CD, guys.

Oh and here’s a new song from Jeff Rosenstock (who we all know and love from Bomb the Music Industry.)

As for local stuff: I’m told that the acoustic show at the Traphaus on Monday night was awesome. Coming up: Boys, King Elephant and Judgement Hammer play the VFW Friday. Rad.

Image via Punk Rock Homesteading.

local punk partay on Saturday

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Hey guys! I started this blog approximately one year and two weeks ago, while hanging out in western Washington and waiting to get back to Missoula. Funny enough, I’m sitting in a house in Seattle right now typing this. Saw Lord Dying yesterday. Small crowd, but killer band.

Anyhoo, I’m stoked to get back to Missoula. Saturday night a bunch of silly punks are playing the Palace. Brick Mower [New Jersey], Buddy Jackson, MXL JXN [Olympia] & Con/Sequence.

$5, most likely 21 plus.

It’s aliiiiiiiive

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Oh hey guys, I am totally alive. There’s not a ton of punk shows at the moment, since I think most folks are busy with graduation. It’ll all pick up soon.

Although, the Grizzled Mighty plays tonight at the Palace, with Skin Flowers and Shahs, and I wrote a few things about ’em in the Indy this week: “If this is blues rock, it’s blues rock for head-banging and slam-dancing.” Read more.

And just get a load of this picture:


It’s reigning men

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Heyo, there’s a garage show on the Northside from 8-10 PM today, then a bunch o’ bands including King Elephant play the VFW. Party!

Also, there’s a write-up of King Elephant in the Indy this week, which does not have the supremely awesome headline I wrote so that is now the title of this blog post. (I’m so bad with puns, guys.)

More details on the show calendar, as always.

Friends Of Cesar Romero, Buddy Jackson, King Elephant tonight

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Friends Of Cesar Romero (described as “ultimate pop punk” by the esteemed Grant Geiger) play the Badlander tonight with Buddy Jackson and King Elephant. Free and 21-plus, I believe. Check ’em out on Bandcamp.

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