He Whose Ox Is Gored tonight

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Hey kids! Tonight He Whose Ox Is Gored plays the VFW, along with a bunch of other gnarly sounding bands like Into the Storm, Breag Noafa and our own Shramana.

And because yes we sure can headbang one night and booty-bump the next, Friday night there’s a Queer Party at the Palace.

And it’s MADE Fair on Sunday. I fucking love crafty shit, so I am stoked for that.

Our own fair Buddy Jackson put out some more tunes. They’re fundraising to pay for the upcoming split seven-inch with Burn Burn Burn. I think you get a beej from Grant or something.

Around the interwebs…

Cro-Mags are suing Harley Flanagan for that outburst where he reportedly attacked them. I love this: “Reached on his cell phone, Flanagan yesterday asked, “According to who?” when told that he was being sued. He then hung up.”

You love Thug Kitchen, right?



let’s shake it

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Hey internet. Coming up in Missoula noise: Blind Shake, Outer Minds and Magpies play the VFW Thursday! Somebody else joined on that bill but I cannot for the live of me remember who, and last I checked the Facebook event wasn’t updated.

Also there’s a show at Zombie Tools the ZACC on Sunday! Noisy-rock-outfit Monogamy Party from Seattle, Shramana, Duane Raider doing stand-up. Sounds rad.

Hunx and His Punx are putting out a new album. The first single (available for download here) is so disgustingly amazing with scuzzy ripping anger that I’ve listened to it a zillion times.

Also, I love everything about this (via Hey, Fat Chick):


easy like sunday morning

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Heyo! ‘Tis Father’s Day. Here’s “My Dad Was In A Band,” which is excellent and hilarious. That guy up there on the left is just killing me.

King Elephant and the Hasslers played the Top Hat last night! It was highly memorable. (Which is to say, I do not distinctly recall any of it.) Also Al Scorch played Burns St. Bistro and an aftershow at the Trap Haus. It was a lovely evening to be out and about.

Lessee… fun shows are coming up. Check the calendar.


Al Scorch! Richard Dreyfest comp!

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We’re a lot quieter for shows this week than last, but there’s excitement to be had.

(I keep smushing the words into “there’sexcitrment,” which looks like “there sexcitement.” Sexcitement is probably the brand name of a lube, right?)

Anyway, Al Scorch is playing Burns St. Bistro on Saturday! With Bird’s Mile Home, who haven’t played in months because of the band members’ other commitments to boring stuff like family and work, Stars Upon Thars (members of Pony Cannon) and Whiskey Hooves. Yippee! Details on the show calendar.

Also Richard Dreyfest put out a bandcamp compilation of the bands playing in Billings on Aug. 2 and 3.

Oh and look. Total Fest has a bandcamp streaming hot traxx also. What do you know.

Party on,



thursday smurshday

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Heyo. I have resolved to go out less often and be more responsible. But there’s a ska show tonight with Save the Swim Team, Do it Kappa and Buddy Jackson at the VFW. Choices. (Details and my review of Do it Kappa here.)

Also Richard Dreyfest, the punk festival in Billings scheduled for Aug. 2 and 3, posted an interview with Buddy Jackson. It is the greatest interview ever, posted in the worst possible font. (Sample question: If I call you “Butty Jackson” during this interview, would that endear me to you, or would you react negatively?)

Make Me A Sandwich Bitch is the new best Tumblr ever.

Oh and there’s a zombie musical, Fleshed Out, at the Crystal this weekend. I am exceedingly proud of my intellectual analysis of intestine-ripping.

And there’s a house show with Shramana, Whoopass Girls and touring bands on Monday, in a Northside garage. Some info is on the show calendar, but email me for the address if you’re not a cop! Or email if you’re a cop, that would be hilarious.

Party on,



chug chug chug

June 4, 2013 § Leave a comment


TONIGHT! Total Chug is at Draught Works starting around 5. Come sip a pint or two, and some of the proceeds will go toward the fest! Buddy Jackson is hanging out and playing a set, too. In a delightful coincidence, they just released their 2013 summer sampler! You can go listen and download it free here. Or give them some money or something.

AND Broken Water is at the VFW. Rad Olympia band. Getcher Tuesday on.


Tonight! Oakland folks Death Ray and Ball Punyan

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Tonight at the VFW for tres dollars, Oakland pop punk band Death Ray and solo outfit Ball Punyan are hanging out! New-ish Missoula rock band Frederick Krueger and the Sweet Dreamers opens.

Pregaming at the Badlander triva night is optional but totally a good idea. Ahem.


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