thursday smurshday

June 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

Heyo. I have resolved to go out less often and be more responsible. But there’s a ska show tonight with Save the Swim Team, Do it Kappa and Buddy Jackson at the VFW. Choices. (Details and my review of Do it Kappa here.)

Also Richard Dreyfest, the punk festival in Billings scheduled for Aug. 2 and 3, posted an interview with Buddy Jackson. It is the greatest interview ever, posted in the worst possible font. (Sample question: If I call you “Butty Jackson” during this interview, would that endear me to you, or would you react negatively?)

Make Me A Sandwich Bitch is the new best Tumblr ever.

Oh and there’s a zombie musical, Fleshed Out, at the Crystal this weekend. I am exceedingly proud of my intellectual analysis of intestine-ripping.

And there’s a house show with Shramana, Whoopass Girls and touring bands on Monday, in a Northside garage. Some info is on the show calendar, but email me for the address if you’re not a cop! Or email if you’re a cop, that would be hilarious.

Party on,



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