hardcore and metal at the Hammer Haus tonight

July 31, 2013 § Leave a comment

Sorry about the late notice, all, but there’s a hardcore and metal show at the Hammer Haus. (Hopefully you know where that is. Figure out the internet okay?) MYNX, Mahamawaldi, Bad Naked and Opposition Rising! No-fills throaty hardcore. Just thing for a Tuesday eve! $5 cover, I think.


some rad tunes for your friday

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I keep stumbling across random awesome music. So here you go.

Here’s a new ADD Records comp. Can’t shake that cover image out of my mind. Also there’s a bunch of great bands on it like Slow Death and Pretty Boy Thorson and Nato Coles!

NEW TOOOOOORRRCCCCHHEE!!! (Seven-inch, streaming. Full of metallic goodness.)

Stream the entire new Missing Monuments album, a garage/pop project from King Louie, dude who played with Jay Reatard and Exploding Hearts.

More bands announced for Fest in Gainesville, including Lucero AND Drag the River!!!! my all time favorite alt-country band. If you got the dough, it is SO WORTH IT.

Not a jackalope?

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Quick update here to say Stabbed in Back is a Albuquerque punk/hardcore band playing the Badlander tonight, along with Buddy Jackson, The Lopez and Fort Collins’ The Convalescents. Stabbed in Back hit an antelope in Wyoming according to Facebook but they’re still on the way. Ha.

It’s a free show. 21-plus, though, as far as I know.


late night quandary attack

July 23, 2013 § 1 Comment

You know, sometimes you don’t know why you ever liked punk rock in the first place, and you wish you could undo it and find a new set of friends and a new life? Wake up a different person in a different place?

Oh, if only there was some genre where people expressed this perfectly.

Back to square one.

Party like… meeeerrrrg

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Dragging myself out of a post-birthday partay stupor to bring you news! Yes! There’s a show at the ZACC Below tonight. Buncha bands. Check the show calendar. I might be there if I am alive.

Carry on,


get out of my dreams and into my basement

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Hey party people. Bird’s Mile Home and Larry and His Flask ruled at the Palace last night. I think by the end it was just five or six of us dancing like maniacs to the Flask while they played like maniacs. Sweaty! Hell yeah!

All kindsa neat stuff coming up this week. Friday nite, show at the ZACC: Xtramedium (France), Bad Hex (Spokane), Still Suit (Oakland), Death Drive (Oakland), Idaho Green (Huntley) and Tales From Ghost Town (Bozeman). $5, doors at 7, show at 8. All ages, no booze inside the venue! (That’s what vacant lots and train tracks are for. Don’t ruin this space for peeps.)

Plus, Richard Dreyfest in Billings is rapidly approaching, and I’m going because it sounds pretty rad. Check out the second Richard Tryfest sampler on ye olde Bandcamp. Includes a free download with bands like Friends of Cesar Romero and PD Lear and shizz.

Oof. That’s all for now. Summer’s chugging right along!



punk shows all day er’day

July 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Last night at the ZACC Below was mellow, but still a lovely evening. Bunch of bands played, including Mitts and Koda Sequoia from Seattle, our own Copilot Eyedrops and Huntley’s Idaho Green. And then the Skurfs showed up for a thing I’m told is called a douglas jam, and totally jammed!

Tonight: Rad show at the VFW! Check the show calendar.

Tomorrow: Sharkpact at the ZACC!!!

Staying in? Live vicariously through this excellent video of a recent Los Crudos set. Look absolutely off-the-wall.

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