get out of my dreams and into my basement

July 16, 2013 § Leave a comment


Hey party people. Bird’s Mile Home and Larry and His Flask ruled at the Palace last night. I think by the end it was just five or six of us dancing like maniacs to the Flask while they played like maniacs. Sweaty! Hell yeah!

All kindsa neat stuff coming up this week. Friday nite, show at the ZACC: Xtramedium (France), Bad Hex (Spokane), Still Suit (Oakland), Death Drive (Oakland), Idaho Green (Huntley) and Tales From Ghost Town (Bozeman). $5, doors at 7, show at 8. All ages, no booze inside the venue! (That’s what vacant lots and train tracks are for. Don’t ruin this space for peeps.)

Plus, Richard Dreyfest in Billings is rapidly approaching, and I’m going because it sounds pretty rad. Check out the second Richard Tryfest sampler on ye olde Bandcamp. Includes a free download with bands like Friends of Cesar Romero and PD Lear and shizz.

Oof. That’s all for now. Summer’s chugging right along!



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