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This video is excellent. Enjoy:

Carry on.

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possible swedes

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Hey all! Murder by Death is tonight at the Top Hat. Cool beans.

In lieu of content from moi, here’s part of an email I got from a Swedish band. Enjoy.


 My name is Viktor and I play in Tear Them Down. We are from Gothenburg, Sweden.
Tear Them down started out in 2010 with the intention of playing energetic punkrock with lyrics based
on the politically degenerating situation around the world aswell as our own experiences.

During the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011 we started doing support shows for bands such as Blisterhead, Sick Of It All and most recently Bam Margeras project Fuckface Unstoppable.
This in addition to playing any basement, venue or livingroom we could find.
In 2011 we released our EP “This Is A Mutiny” on our own label Plunk Records.

Since our debut in 2010, we’ve played about 60 shows in 11 countries around Europe including one week in Russia in the summer of 2012. We have just finished recording a full length album that hopefully will be released later this year.

In the meantime tough it would be fun if you checked out our debut EP as well as our song we released digitally earlier this year called “Nothing” and let us and the world know what you think in a review or just a heads up. Or you can just tell us what you think.

You can listen to “Nothing” via Spotify or Soundcloud, here is the link:

Here is a video of the third song “My Revue” on our EP:


Official/press/facebook etc.


Hope to hear from you!

Prost, or as we say in Sweden Skål!


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Hey guys! Your faithful MPN editor has been out of town, nearly getting killed by Alaskan moose and attacked by bees and whatnot (true story) but I’m back. Yay! There’s Murder By Death on Wednesday and a sweet garage show on Friday, plus Titus Andronicus next week. Check the show calendar for shtuff.


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dragI am going to bed in twenty minutes because huuurrggh, but first, I wanted to mention that in my dedication to the local arts scene (and beer) I went out on Sunday night to see Drag the River at Monk’s. The whole event was shrouded in confusion and mystery and excitement and overeager nerd fumbling, much like losing one’s virginity.

To wit: This is one of my all-time favorite bands and has been for years. It’s dudes from All and Armchair Martian with whiskey-soaked voices singing country. I geeked out about it in the paper, even. There was maybe a dozen or so people at the show, but people kept bringing the band shots (I think Chad Price had to have had at least seven drinks during the set) and afterward we all did a poor job of disguising how much we liked the dudes and wanted them to come back during a better night; i.e., not a quiet hungover Sunday night after Total Fest. So yeah. It was intimate, as much as that word makes me shudder. They played Barroom Bliss and Lizzie and the Hybrid Moments cover and Other Side of OK and a shit ton of their other rad songs.

Also, I wrote a revised version of my Total Fest recap for the Independent blog, and it makes slightly more sense and has lots more hilarious tidbits, so you should check that out.

And here’s a listicle of 10 Foods Found at a Punk Potluck, and it is quite spot on; though I’d swap out the goulash for some variation of mac ‘n cheese. Always with the mac and cheese. (That is, I almost always bring mac ‘n cheese to potlucks. Ha.)

K. Going to bed. Love you all.

total fest-related thoughts and recap sorta

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***First: Quick announcement that Drag the River is one of the best country-punk bands ever who rarely tours through Montana, and they play Monk’s tonight, and people who like metal can probably do that and then go to the metal show at the VFW.***

Hey everybody. Coming down from the wild, sweaty, beer-choogling section of space and time that is Total Fest.

I’m barely coherent at this point (just ask my roommate, who made the mistake of knocking on my door a couple hours ago, to which I answered, “I’M FUCKING NAPPING”) so here’s some bulleted points for your easily digestible pleasure. There were many other astoundingly hilarious events, too many to catalog. Here’s some that come to mind.

  • It was immensely cool to be part of the Total Fest committee. So cool that I was daunted to be part of it, agreed to do way more than I actually had time for, felt really guilty all the time, and probably made a lot of terrible awkward jokes because I don’t know how to not be awkward. Also, it is nearly a year-round goddamn job for a lot of people to put on Total Fest. I spent plenty of time on it, but it’s a drop in a sweaty ocean compared to how much work the head honchos like Josh and Kari put in. Someone was telling me yesterday that Red Ants Pants, a nonprofit Americana festival, has three paid employees. Total Fest is pulled off with, uh, zero paid employees.
  • So if I ever, theoretically, had whined a wee bit about volunteering, somebody should have mentioned that I would get a free T-shirt and be allowed to boss around punk bands. Instantly made it all totally (ha!) worth it.
  • Vile Blue Shades were excellent, though the crowd for that wasn’t very big, since young’uns these days do not know of the wonder and glory that is VBS. More bands need gogo dancers, dammit.
  • Some very cute, polite young guys showed up on Friday while I was working the door. I very briefly assumed they were local high school students. Then they said they were Media Blitz, the insanely rad OC hardcore band, and I got really excited. They played an ferocious set, all Los Crudos-speed hardcore with occasional bursts of insane metal soloing, and then got off stage and resumed being polite. Seeing them again six hours later at the warehouse afterparty was also delightful, though I do not very distinctly remember that set.
  • On Saturday night, I bought PBRs for the Helms Alee gals, and yell-talked about how they’re an inspiration and I love seeing women play awesome metal, right before I jumped in front for Red Fang and rawked out arm-in-arm with a bunch of rad chicks and dudes. It was so sweaty. It was like moshing in a sweat slip-in-slide with eels. Eels with some sharp elbows.
  • Also by Saturday, I was really starting to flag, despite my best attempts at hydrating and caffeinating. Sure, I could’ve gone to bed, but dammit, everything just gets more fun the later it happens in the evening. The trick is to stay moving, stay dancing and keep drinking. Every time I started to get tired, I would crack another beer. And that, friends, is how I wound up thrashing around to Hundred Visions at the Hammer Haus afterparty. And it was kind of a blessing that the cops showed up at 4 AM, because I was at the point where I couldn’t stop until somebody made me.

It’s funny ’cause, as I get older, I find myself getting too tired for punk rock shenanigans. I got surgery on my deaf ear in February, and had to actually deal with my physical limits for the first time in my life when I tried to watch Fucked Up at Endofthon but was too exhausted and sick and realized I should not be headbanging with a brand-new prosthesis in my ear.

Since then, I’ve noticed that I’ve had to take it easy at shows, which is really goddamn depressing. Chugging beer, jumping into a crazy pit and shaking my butt around is basically my favorite thing ever; but I can’t do it as much these days without waking up feeling like a pile of garbage.

But for this, the twelfth annual Total Fest, I raged it up and danced hard and stayed out til 4 AM three nights in a row, and I am goddamn happy about it. I’m getting older! But I’m going to enjoy the hell out of stuff as much as I can! Thanks for being awesome, Missoula. This town is still so magical to me.

8 handy tips for surviving days of partying

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Vile Blue Shades. photo by Michael Workman

Hey all, I should be napping/cleaning/at work/slapping on sunscreen right now, but instead, I pause for a moment to tell you: We’re on day two of Total Fest. Day one was mellow. Okay, well, for some people it was mellow. Some of us rawked hard, started arm wrestling matches, ate hella tacos, fist pumped and engaged in witty conversation until the wee hours.

Anyway, our goal for Total Fest is, as always, to party as much as possible without passing out or feeling sick. Our goal is to be energized! Hydrated! Drinking water! I’m drinking water RIGHT NOW! Are you? Water is awesome! More awesome than beer, even!

To wit, I present some handy tips I have learned from being a degenerate 20-something:

1. Drink water.

2. Occasionally eat something that resembles a vegetable; you’re gonna want some protein in there, too. Tacos al pastor at the El Cazador truck fit this bill pretty perfectly.

3. One Beer Per Band. OBPB! Write it on your wrist! For my size and liver, one PBR tallboy per band’s set keeps me in party mode without reverting into barfy mode. If you think you can watch your carbs/calories by sipping hard liquor, well, good for you, but I find that I get schwastey real fast that way, and end up drinking more beer anyway because a rolling drunk only gathers more moss. (Or something. I dunno.)

4. Smoking is bad for you, don’t do that. It will make your hangovers worse. (Science!)

5. You know which kind of smoking I meant.

6. Fact: getting up and dancing around helps your body process alcohol, gets your heart rate going, and generally makes for an even partier evening. The shows will be more fun, you will not be as hungover. Magic.

7. Sleep occasionally. Last year, a certain MPN editor raged hard for the first two days of Total Fest, barely sleeping and roaming around all the after-parties and then doing the Big Dipper record swap and a matinee show at the Lab, went to work for a few hours, and then crashed really hard. This totally wasn’t me or anything. I am determined to not let that happen this year.

8. I’ve kind of run out of ideas at this point. Get some exercise, drink some water in between all that beer; this stuff ain’t rocket science. It’s party science.

Oh. Yeah. Wear goddamn earplugs at shows so you don’t go all deaf.

Party on,

K. Dubs

zee official Missoula Punk News guide to Total Fest XII

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Disclaimer: I’m on the Total Fest committee this year, and have been utterly amazed at how much year-round work goes into putting this thing on, and it’s all volunteer sweat and blood. But no tears. There’s no crying in rock ‘n roll.

So, with that, here’s some of the bands I’m most excited to see. Here’s a link to the PDF of the schedule. And I’m sure there’ll be breakout bands, like with Iron Lung and Torche last year, that I have no idea how awesome they are and I will have my mind blown.

Firstly: Vile Blue Shades. HERMEGERD YER GUYZ. I don’t remember exactly when the first time I saw Vile Blue Shades would’ve been. But it was certainly my freshman year, and I would’ve been stone sober, and I definitely was blown away. Here’s this ridiculous band of a dozen people, including a very self-assured gogo dancer, and they always work the crowd into a sweaty frenzy of dancing weirdness. VBS doesn’t play very often anymore, and this could be their last show in Missoula or ever. This is probably the platonic ideal of a frenzied live band; bothering with their recordings isn’t really necessary. Just go.

Media Blitz. Hardcore. Yes.

Buddy Jackson, Burn Burn Burn, Mr. Dad and Hoverbikes: A delicious stew of rock ‘n’ roll and pop punk and cute boys/jerks/cute jerks. All playing Friday night at the VFW.

Benny The Jet Rodriguez. “Pot-punk” AND a Sandlot reference? Well done.

Guantanamo Baywatch. This groovy Portland surf-rock trio asked for Total Fest by name! Quite excited that they are back, and in a late-night slot that’s sure to be a dance par-tay.

Helms Alee and Red Fang. Putting the hair back into rock! Or approaching with an “army of wood nymphs,” as one review in tomorrow’s edition of the Independent puts it.

Ah God, plus many more, like the Trashies and Slut River and Dead and Swamp Wolf and Gay Witch Abortion. Plus all the barbecues, the band crashing at my house, the Big Dipper Record Swap, the matinee show at the Palmer Street house garage, the afterparties at locations that shall remain undisclosed until further notice… ah. See you all there.

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