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dragI am going to bed in twenty minutes because huuurrggh, but first, I wanted to mention that in my dedication to the local arts scene (and beer) I went out on Sunday night to see Drag the River at Monk’s. The whole event was shrouded in confusion and mystery and excitement and overeager nerd fumbling, much like losing one’s virginity.

To wit: This is one of my all-time favorite bands and has been for years. It’s dudes from All and Armchair Martian with whiskey-soaked voices singing country. I geeked out about it in the paper, even. There was maybe a dozen or so people at the show, but people kept bringing the band shots (I think Chad Price had to have had at least seven drinks during the set) and afterward we all did a poor job of disguising how much we liked the dudes and wanted them to come back during a better night; i.e., not a quiet hungover Sunday night after Total Fest. So yeah. It was intimate, as much as that word makes me shudder. They played Barroom Bliss and Lizzie and the Hybrid Moments cover and Other Side of OK and a shit ton of their other rad songs.

Also, I wrote a revised version of my Total Fest recap for the Independent blog, and it makes slightly more sense and has lots more hilarious tidbits, so you should check that out.

And here’s a listicle of 10 Foods Found at a Punk Potluck, and it is quite spot on; though I’d swap out the goulash for some variation of mac ‘n cheese. Always with the mac and cheese. (That is, I almost always bring mac ‘n cheese to potlucks. Ha.)

K. Going to bed. Love you all.


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