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Hey all! WordPress quit dicking around and finally loaded (tho, er, I have not) so here we are. There’s some nifty shows on Friday and Saturday, particularly Lord Dying who I am, very unfortunately, going to be missing. (Lord Dying plays lots of shows. My cousin only gets married at Chico Hot Springs, like, hopefully once. Sigh.)

Also, here’s an article from Chvrches’s Lauren Mayberry about how much sexist crap she deals with.

Party on.


free show free show

September 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hey kids! If you were one of the lovely people who saw RVIVR last Thursday, you are probably aware that it was an excellent evening.

Lessee… tonight Minneapolis’ Prissy Clerks play the Badlander for another free show, with Copilot Eyedrops and Shahs. 10 PM. Yay for free shows! Boo for weeknights when I can’t go out! Anyway, check ’em out if you’re so inclined. Marty says they’re buddies of TacocaT. I’m assuming this is gonna be 21-plus.

There’s also open mic night at the VFW, and Joey Running Crane is back hosting it, plus I think Jake Osborne is playing tonight. Who knows what other lovable scoundrels might appear?

ALSO, the Buddy Jackson 7-inch release is Friday at Stage 112, with Total Combined Weight, Frederick Krueger and the Too Goddamn Long Of A Band Name Sweet Dreamers, plus Whoopass Girls. It should be an erotic adventure.

-Party on,

K. Dubs

rock ‘n’ roll all nite

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Windhand, a Virgina doom band, plays the Badlander tonight, with Shramana and Swamp Wolf. Goes down around 10 PM after trivia. Free, beeyotches! Plus, Windhand has a woman singer, and I am strongly in favor of making an extra effort to support women who rawwwwwwk. (Extra ‘w’s in tribute to how long doom metal songs are.)

RVIVR plays the ZACC on Thursday with Whoopass Girls and 64 Tuna. 8 PM. $5 cover I think. Their latest album is really good, if I say so myself.

Or perhaps you’d like to spend your evenings sitting at home, sulking, listening to angsty cute boys express feelings? I like this band Close Talker. Kinda pushing the same buttons as Joyce Manor does. Or, equally as feelingsy but more Springsteen-ish about it, check out three new Two Cow Garage songs from their upcoming album, available for download or stream over at the excellent blog Nine Bullets.

This post has been brought to you by the state of Virgina.

Rock on,

K. Dubs

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Hey, lovelies. Recovered from the Jay’s Upstairs reunion? There’s fun stuff on the show calendar; and here’s a Kaimin article about the Hammer Haus shutting down. It’s pretty interesting, though I have some quibbles with it and I am not okay with the Confederate flag. (Okay hay, relevant article pertaining to that subject.)

And the thing about all ages venues is they come and go. It didn’t make it into this article I wrote about the ZACC reopening its basement to shows, but I remember Colin Hickey saying that there’s always going to be some kid who decides he wants to have a show in his garage or basement. And truly, I think there will.

jay’s reunion tonight!

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Hey lovelies. The Jay’s Upstairs reunion show is tonight! Jay’s, as you’re likely aware, was a small venue that closed sometime around 2006, and now it is the schmancy Loft of Missoula private club with lacquered floors and stuff. I know it’s very unpunx to respect your elders, but it is very punx to watch awesome people play fast music and drink more beer than they ought to, so I think things even out, cred-wise. Here’s the dealio, from the Facebook page:

This ought to be a blast folks! This will be held in the former location of Jays Upstairs, in The Loft of Missoula. It is primarily intended to be a benefit for Jay and Stephanie’s friend Bill (Goody) Goodman who recently was diagnosed with cancer. There is an early show for the older crowd featuring Goody’s act, The Montana Fiddlers…and then later that evening is the bulk of the bands. This is a 21+ event.

Day Show 1-5 PM: $5

The Montana Fiddlers

Evening Show 8 PM-?AM $8

MC’ing and performing between sets by Tahj Kjelland
The Reptile Dysfunction
JC Auto

Here’s the Facebook event. Hopefully the Loft will have put all those blown-glass sculptures far, far away….


shakespearean references for the win

September 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hey, lovelies. Titus Andronicus plays the VFW tomorrow (Tuesday). I’ve been digging the hell out of their last album; it’s all cool and rock opera-y without losing its weird punk snappiness. This band is one of the goddamn headliners at Fest in Gainesville; I’m stoked to get to see them up close and personal at the VFW. Getcher ticket at Ear Candy already!

Embarrassing admission of the day: I always reflexively confuse Patrick Stickles with Patrick Stump and then have to remind myself that no, this isn’t Fall Out Boy.

Carry on.


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