jay’s reunion tonight!

September 7, 2013 § Leave a comment


Hey lovelies. The Jay’s Upstairs reunion show is tonight! Jay’s, as you’re likely aware, was a small venue that closed sometime around 2006, and now it is the schmancy Loft of Missoula private club with lacquered floors and stuff. I know it’s very unpunx to respect your elders, but it is very punx to watch awesome people play fast music and drink more beer than they ought to, so I think things even out, cred-wise. Here’s the dealio, from the Facebook page:

This ought to be a blast folks! This will be held in the former location of Jays Upstairs, in The Loft of Missoula. It is primarily intended to be a benefit for Jay and Stephanie’s friend Bill (Goody) Goodman who recently was diagnosed with cancer. There is an early show for the older crowd featuring Goody’s act, The Montana Fiddlers…and then later that evening is the bulk of the bands. This is a 21+ event.

Day Show 1-5 PM: $5

The Montana Fiddlers

Evening Show 8 PM-?AM $8

MC’ing and performing between sets by Tahj Kjelland
The Reptile Dysfunction
JC Auto

Here’s the Facebook event. Hopefully the Loft will have put all those blown-glass sculptures far, far away….



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