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um, holy crap

Hey all, there are all sorts of Halloween shenanigans getting underway soon, which is most (ha, typed “moist” at first) excellent. For one thing, Shramana is doing two nights of Black Flag covers at the VFW. Reggie has a really excellent post about his relationship with Black Flag over at the Indy’s Green Room:

“As any young person can tell you, trying to figure out who exactly you are and defining your relation to the rest of the world can be a daunting task in a world that places such strange emphases on individuality without ever actually defining it. Listening to Black Flag’s The First Four Years (and a lot of underage drinking) helped me through it.”

You can go read the rest here.

I like Black Flag a whole lot—hell, I have the tattoo on my arm—but honestly, I’m not so much a huge nerd about the band as I was bored and upset about a breakup one day and getting the bars seemed like a fun thing to do. My Black Flag tattoo still serves its purpose, though; people who have to ask what it is are not people who will understand me or where I’m coming from at all.

I was always a Minor Threat kid, though; in high school, I liked Black Flag and tried to learn the riff to “Nervous Breakdown,” but Minor Threat’s sense of alienation and discomfort with the culture of getting wasted still speaks to me way more. Maybe I should get the Minor Threat sheep tattoo.

But fuck nostalgia anyway; I think I’ll go listen to some Media Blitz, who played Total Fest.

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Lou Reed memorial tonight

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Hey all, some of us were too scared by the winds (and sleepy and full of pizza) to get to the P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S show, but I’m told that it was pretty cool.

Anyhoo, tonight the Roxy shows the second and third episodes of Twin Peaks, and there’s a Lou Reed memorial to follow, around 9 PM. Here’s the Facebook dealio.

Also, Facebook peeps directed me to this, Lester Bangs’ review of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music, and it is such a masterpiece I need to go home and rethink my life as a writer. It’s like a thousand words and they’re all gold. For instance: “My pet land hermit crab, Spud, who sometimes goes for days at a time curled up inside his shell in a corner of the cage so you gotta check to see if he’s dead, likes MMM a lot. Every time I put it on, he comes out of his shell and starts crawling happily around the sand and climbing the bars. It is, in fact, the only time I ever see him get any exercise. Either that or he’s dancing. 10.”

problems with anything

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You know, I consider myself a decent cook. I made a batch of cream biscuits with sage this morning, and they turned out fluffy and perfect. I tried to make a grilled cheese sandwich this afternoon, turned the heat up too high and burned the shit out of it. Sigh.

Anyway, tonight P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S from Portland play the VFW, and they are rad. Punk rock brought to you by former Poison Idea and Resist members. Vera and Buddy Jackson show up, too.

So to hell with Monday! Scrape off the burned parts and eat it anyway! Go listen to P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. on their site.

Party on,

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Tonight! Useless Eaters!

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Hey kids, just got word via the BookFace that Useless Eaters play the VFW tonight. Memphis rock and roll, Jay Reatard-reminiscent. (Also, wish they’da brought the Spits with them. Sigh.) Plus there’s Cleveland’s Bad Noids and Drug Problems. 10 PM. $4/$6 for ages 18-20.

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Happy Monday, everyone! Last weekend was excellent. I would not have traded it for anything. Except maybe Prince’s pajama party.

Lessee: Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires and Austin Lucas were adorable on Friday. Lee Bains played sweaty rock and roll, and in between songs he’d call out racist government policies. So endearing. Austin Lucas was super cool, even as a bunch of drunk people flocked around him being nerds.

Kylesa destroyed at the Palace on Saturday; their singer/guitarist Laura was enthusiastic about the vegan quinoa salad I’d brought for the band dinner, I feel both pleased and hideously embarrassed. (And Kylesa took a picture, up on their Facebook, where you can see just how sweaty that show got. Also I am hideously embarrassed to be in it, but not so much that I’ll untag myself.) That show finished in time for me to cruise over to the VFW and catch most of Thee Oh Sees; it was surfy and reverby and sardine-packed. Smelled not unlike a can of sardines, too.

I was partied out by Sunday night, but the ZACC show with Jefferson Deathstar was fun, I’m told.

Here’s some Code Orange Kids to kick your day in gear.



your weekend in rock

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Austin Lucas Press Photo

Lo, an onslaught of awesome shows are headed our way, guys! More details are over on the show calendar, but here’s a rundown:

Friday: Austin Lucas, Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires at the Palace. Good to have Mr. Lucas back in town. I rather like Lee Bains.

Saturday: Kylesa gets all heavy at the Palace; or you could check out Thee Oh Sees and Blind Shake at the VFW. Decisions! Fuck! (Read about why Kylesa rules here. Read about why Blind Shake rules here. Voila.)

Sunday: There’s no less than three worthy shows today, goshdarnit. Jefferson Deathstar, who I’ve heard good things about, at an all-ages dealio at the ZACC, and then McDougall at the VFW and The Body and The New Trust at the Palace. The ZACC one probably ends around 11, and the bar ones probably start later and are cheap/free, so perhaps y’all can multitask. Also here’s a super Vice-y Vice article about The Body, “The Body Sold Their AK-47s to Move to Portland.”


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Hey kids! The Bugs play the ZACC tonight! Portland two-piece rock and or roll. Gets rolling around 8 PM, Oll Breds and Mountain Shark open. Six dollas.

Here are some fun links from around the internet, which I spend too much time on.

Prehistoric cave paintings were mostly done by women, after years of assumptions that it was men: “[M]ale archaeologists were doing the work,” Snow said, and it’s possible that “had something to do with it.”

Looking for a costume that is not Sexy Raccoon? Take Back Halloween has cool costume ideas, featuring historic women and mythical figures! (Also, I saw Sexy Raccoon at the Spirit store on Brooks, and if you can give me a valid reason for why you’d want to be an attractive procyonid, then have at it.)

Do you like expressing all your emotions by singing along to driving, angsty choruses about being sad and lonely? I’m going to keep yelling at you guys until you listen to Smith Street Band.

Oh, and Fall Out Boy is putting out a hardcore album. All of the lolz. Here’s something infinitely more rad to listen to than that. Angry broads! Yeaaaaahh! (Also, I swear the first couple lines of Effemimania are quoting Eowyn in Lord of the Rings.)


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