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Hey kids! ‘Tis Friday! There is, of course, all kinds of neat artsy stuff downtown for First Friday, and then a free show at the Palace with Panther “Pantsless” Car from Bozeman, Buddy Jackson, Arrows to the Sun and Confidence Man.


And then on Saturday at the Palace there’s LORD DYING. WHO RULE. You can stream their whole album here.

I wrote about ’em a bit here: “Playing Lord Dying imbues the listener with an unshakeable sense of power, glee and general badassness. It’s energizing and heavy-as-hell without getting stodgy, and it’s strangely soothing; all of metal’s best qualities at once.”

Which is to say, I like to bake muffins and clean my kitchen while blasting Lord Dying and doing twinkly fingers at my speakers. And I CAN’T GO. FAMILY OBLIGATIONS. CONFOUND IT. So you will all just have to go forth and destroy in my name.

Party on,


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