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Hey kids! The Bugs play the ZACC tonight! Portland two-piece rock and or roll. Gets rolling around 8 PM, Oll Breds and Mountain Shark open. Six dollas.

Here are some fun links from around the internet, which I spend too much time on.

Prehistoric cave paintings were mostly done by women, after years of assumptions that it was men: “[M]ale archaeologists were doing the work,” Snow said, and it’s possible that “had something to do with it.”

Looking for a costume that is not Sexy Raccoon? Take Back Halloween has cool costume ideas, featuring historic women and mythical figures! (Also, I saw Sexy Raccoon at the Spirit store on Brooks, and if you can give me a valid reason for why you’d want to be an attractive procyonid, then have at it.)

Do you like expressing all your emotions by singing along to driving, angsty choruses about being sad and lonely? I’m going to keep yelling at you guys until you listen to Smith Street Band.

Oh, and Fall Out Boy is putting out a hardcore album. All of the lolz. Here’s something infinitely more rad to listen to than that. Angry broads! Yeaaaaahh! (Also, I swear the first couple lines of Effemimania are quoting Eowyn in Lord of the Rings.)


Party on,

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