Six pack and nothin’ to do

October 29, 2013 § Leave a comment


um, holy crap

Hey all, there are all sorts of Halloween shenanigans getting underway soon, which is most (ha, typed “moist” at first) excellent. For one thing, Shramana is doing two nights of Black Flag covers at the VFW. Reggie has a really excellent post about his relationship with Black Flag over at the Indy’s Green Room:

“As any young person can tell you, trying to figure out who exactly you are and defining your relation to the rest of the world can be a daunting task in a world that places such strange emphases on individuality without ever actually defining it. Listening to Black Flag’s The First Four Years (and a lot of underage drinking) helped me through it.”

You can go read the rest here.

I like Black Flag a whole lot—hell, I have the tattoo on my arm—but honestly, I’m not so much a huge nerd about the band as I was bored and upset about a breakup one day and getting the bars seemed like a fun thing to do. My Black Flag tattoo still serves its purpose, though; people who have to ask what it is are not people who will understand me or where I’m coming from at all.

I was always a Minor Threat kid, though; in high school, I liked Black Flag and tried to learn the riff to “Nervous Breakdown,” but Minor Threat’s sense of alienation and discomfort with the culture of getting wasted still speaks to me way more. Maybe I should get the Minor Threat sheep tattoo.

But fuck nostalgia anyway; I think I’ll go listen to some Media Blitz, who played Total Fest.

Party on,


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