don’t wanna go home

November 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

Quick note, my lovelies, to remind you all that your faithful editor is busy representing Montana at Fest, and acquitting herself quite well if I say so myself. It sounds like the Halloween shows were excellent, and Tossers, Cuntz and Wankers appear to have been delightful fellows.

Some Fest highlights that spring to mind so far: Menzingers’ super sweaty and packed set, Mikey Erg’s solo dealio, Dopamines being hilarious, drinking with belligerent Australians whose accents are nearly unintelligible (it turns out they do not drink Fosters), Code Orange Kids fucking heavy as all hell, getting a bloody nose at the Slow Death’s set (yay, my blood is staining one of the stages now), seeing Filmage which is fantastic if you love pop punk even the tiniest bit, an Op Ivy cover band, Sundowner doing long slow versions of Larry Arms songs, and, er, many other fantastic things, too many to name. And a lot of what happens at Fest stays at Fest, so heyo.

Gonna go rustle up some food and hair of the dog.

Party on,



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