under frozen skies

November 6, 2013 § Leave a comment


Happy fucking winter is here, everybody! Let the dark beer drinking, sweater wearing and pool playing commence!

Some fun things from around the interwebs:

Mitch Clem’s How to Book a Punk Show is pretty spot-on. I particularly liked the “get the local alt weekly freebie paper to plug it in their calendar.”

Brittney Griner is so fucking cool. She’s 6’8, plays in the WNBA and models menswear. Here’s part of her Elle profile: “She retreats into the tiny bathroom to change from her low-slung jeans and Nike T-shirt—the company has signed her to model its menswear, the first time a woman has had that gig—into her suit for Conan. Once the stylist has fussed over her, including rolling her pants cuffs to just the right height, lest they hike up if she crosses her legs—“I never cross my legs,” Griner assures her—Kagawa Colas calls her over for a quick makeup session. “See, it looks like nothing,” she says as she puts the slightest smudge of foundation and undereye concealer on Griner’s smooth, flawless skin.”

Here’s “The Logic of Stupid Poor People,” about why low-income people buy expensive things: “One thing I’ve learned is that one person’s illogical belief is another person’s survival skill. And nothing is more logical than trying to survive.”

Also Worriers was one of many fantastic bands I saw at Fest. Features Lauren from the Measure SA (RIP.) Good shtuff. Go listen. Feelingsy, poppy.

In Missoula-related news, stuff’s slowing way down what with the holidays and all, but there’s some bright spots. Buddy Jackson plays their last show of the year Saturday with 64 Tuna and Friends of Cesar Romero. (Although I believe this is at least the second “last show of the year” for BJ, so whatevs.)

Oh! And FILMAGE: The Story of Descendents/All is showing tomorrow (Thursday) at the Roxy, and I am mega stoked to see it again. So good. Hope to see everybody there.

Party on,

K. Dubs


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