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Hey interwebs! We are hurtling toward the holidays. A lot more baking while listening to Nightvale in my kitchen, a lot fewer shenanigans and debauchery. It evens out, I suppose.

Here’s the new Sandrider record. Heavy as hell Total Festies on Seattle’s Good to Die Records, as you might recall. (I think I’m going to start using that instead of saying Total Fest alumni, because it takes longer to type and I can’t be bothered to find out if I’m using the Latin correctly.)

Over on the lighter, garage-ier, poppier side of things, Rubber Brother Records has released a short comp (available on cassette, what year is this???) and for streaming on Bandcamp. A BOYS song produced by Chris Baumann is on it. Neato!

Also there’s a new Lawrence Arms song out and the album is available for preorder. I’m not even gonna bother linking to that, as anyone who would care to probably knows about it already. I’ve already seen peeps posting covers of it. I mean, it sounds good. It sounds like Larry Arms. I’ll be stoked when the album proper comes out.

Nov. 20 is the international Transgender Day of Remembrance (sometimes called Recognition) in honor of people who’ve been killed because they were trans*. Here’s a neat graphic explaining the asterisk in trans*. Here’s a list of folks that are being memorialized this year. (Warning for violent content and hatecrimes, btw.)

If you’re not familiar with transphobia or TDOR, here’s some basic info: “Trans people are often targeted for violence becausetheir gender presentation, appearance and/or anatomy falls outside the norms of what is considered acceptable for a woman or man.”

And here’s a nifty interactive map showing the evolution of non-discrimination laws in the U.S. from 2000-2013. Near as I can tell, Missoula and Bozeman are the only blue spots for miles around.

And, while I’m being all feministy on your asses, Albuquerque voters rejected a ban on late-term abortions. Way to go in only quoting an anti-choicer, CNN. And dear God, don’t read those comments. If you would like to see a film that depicts some women in Albuquerque and the circumstances that led them to seek a late-term abortion, lookit, After Tiller is screening at the Roxy this weekend.

In other news, R2D2 is the first confirmed character for the seventh Star Wars. I would really like to pretend like that movie is not happening. But my brother, who is loyal to Star Wars to the end of the earth, will not let me keep my head under the sand.

Okay, that’s enough bloggity blog.

Party on,

K. Dubs

missoulapunknews [at] gmail dot com.


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