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That’s a thing I just made up because I am so smrt. SMRT! And have had plenty of coffee today. Let’s see. There isn’t really anything terribly punk-affiliated going on downtown, and I am trying to assure myself that I didn’t have the money to blow on flying to Chicago for the Lawrence Arms’ New Year’s Eve show (somebody call me a whaaaaambulance, I know) so to conclude this run on sentence, I will likely ring in 2014 spending at least half of the cost of a hotel on Against Me! on the Rose jukebox and


Phew. Okay. Choosing between third-wave ska or rockabilly is too mind-blowingly silly a problem to contemplate. I have had too much coffee. Party on, everyone. Party. On.

Oh, and if you need tunes, Dan Ozzi (aka the Jaded Punk Hulk dude) presents Here Are the New Year’s Songs Idiots Will Be Quoting on Facebook Today. It’s eerily accurate.


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nothing’s going to ruin my holiday

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Hey all, quick update to let you know that Missoula Punk News is screwing around and slacking off for the holidays (surprised?) but we have some holiday punk shows up on the calendar to your left. In Missoula, we’ve got Cat Heaven! Yay! Over in Billings, some fun house shows are scheduled too.

And one of these days your faithful editor will post a Top 10 Year in Review List for the hell of it.

Party on,


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Here’s a Sex Positive Gift Guide.

Of course there’s a Settlers of  Catan cookbook.

I did not spend enough time this year listening to the Thermals.

Okay. Back to partying.

hump day

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Hey kids! Let’s see what amusing things I can whip up from around the internet for you.

The Rock Lotto band names are rolling in. Tupack Shakers is pretty good. As is Subtle Cock.

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside are breaking up. Bummer. But Sallie is supposed to be starting an all-lady rock band. So that’s cool.

The red hat explained, and more in “Santa and the ‘Shrooms: The Real Story Behind the “Design” of Christmas.”

Good Grief and Great Tits is a delightful holiday read, in which Dan Savage reviews the new Sarah Palin book. Or tries to.

I refuse to be ashamed that this is my favorite version of “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

Party on.

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I taste the revolution

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#4 - Le Tigre with a koala. Photo courtesy of Russ Gelsey

Le Tigre with a koala, because OF COURSE. Photo by Russ Gelsey.

Hello, lovelies. Now that the temperature is a balmy 30-ish degrees, I am feeling rather perky.

Recommended winter workout: One (1) beer of your preference, two (2) Mean Jeans LPs, and absolutely no chance that anyone can see you dancing in your socks in the kitchen.

Lessee. The Punk Singer: A Film About Kathleen Hanna is showing at the Roxy Thursday through Sunday, and I am enormously excited. I restrained my squees long enough to write a thingy for the Indy:

“The beacon for riot grrrl, Kathleen Hanna, is the subject of a documentary released this year by Opening Band Films. The Punk Singer: A Film About Kathleen Hanna recounts her role in the birth of the movement and in Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, plus her personal struggles with falling in love with a Beastie Boy (Adam Horowitz) and getting diagnosed with Lyme disease.

I’m excited about so many things about The Punk Singer, but if I had to pick one to explain coherently, it’s that it’s heartening to see the women of riot grrrl staying rebellious as they age.”

Also, a little birdy (well, Facebook) told me dudely-type-band Iron Chic is booking a huge national tour in spring, and they might come our way. This gives us plenty of time to memorize all their lyrics. Hop to it.

And in upcoming show news, there’s a slew of holiday drunkmas parties on my personal dance card. Plus the ISCSM Holiday Drag Show on Friday at the Palace, a VFW show with Whiskey Hooves, Mahamawaldi and Boss Fight, and then on Saturday, a food bank benefit at Sean Kelly’s with The Hasslers, Muzikata and Off in the Woods. Admission is free and there’s $2 Bayern pints, so heyo.

Also, I’m working on (read: have not even started) my Top 10 of 2013 List. If you have one, send it my way!


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whiskey please

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smitten kitchen rules

I think I’m finally acclimating to this damn cold weather. Mostly by wearing my entire wardrobe at once.

Lessee, in local news, Audacity had to cancel their appearance at the ZACC on Saturday (and the rest of their tour according to Mean Jeans’ Twitter, mega bummer) but Whoopass Girls, 64 Tuna and Armaund Hammer still braved the weather.

UPDATE: Sorry, dudes, apparently the stream to FILMAGE was a bootleg and it got taken down. Scheduled DVD release is Spring 2014.

Brand New played the Troubadour on Sunday night, and a friend of mine went and posted a bunch of stuff about it on Facebook. I am in no way sick with jealousy. Here, listen to the album stream of Daisy and sigh over Jesse with me. (I’d listen to Deja Entendu, but I’m at work and it’s strictly a ‘drinking and feeling the feels alone in my room’ kinda album.)

XKCD has been increasingly obscure and mathy lately (hi, I do not understand math) but this one I get for sure. IT’S PRONOUNCED ‘JIFF’ BY THE GODDAMN WAY.

In food-related items, here’s Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for Cigarettes Russes cookies that seems fairly achievable? Although maybe I’m just getting  overly ambitious since all I feel motivated to do in the morning is turn on my oven to keep the kitchen warm.

have you seen my salt shaker?

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Hey, internet denizens. MPN is still kickin’! Just, you know, enjoying this balmy weather.

In actual Missoula news, there’s Audacity at the ZACC. Rock and/or roll! Garage punk 4eva!

The Rock N Roll Lotto II (The Quickening edition) has been announced, so go check out the band lists on Facebook and speculate which ones will actually make it to February.

Wonder Woman is supposed to show up in Batman Vs. Superman! To what extent isn’t know, but they cast a gal from the Fast and Furious movies. All you goddamn Batman fans get reboots up the wazoo. I want my damn Wonder Woman.

(Hi, I am ornery today.)

Here’s a Gizmodo thingy on how some dog breeds of today used to look. Pro tip: inbreeding is not good.

And Drew from Brain Tumors underwent two days of margarita-washing to become a Parrothead and see Jimmy Buffett. The results are fantastic, by which I mean a mess:

I fried up coconut shrimp as Grant created new margarita combinations — Margareetos (Margarita with Cheetos dust on the rim), Margaritos (Margarita with Doritos dust on the rim), and MargaRambos, which is simply a margarita with an egg yolk mixed inside [Ed note: Should be MargaRockys]. After a sufficient level of heartburn was obtained, there came another unconventional craft cocktail known as the “Margarolaids” featuring Rolaids ground up and floated on the top of a margarita.

So be sure to check that out.

Party on,


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