have you seen my salt shaker?

December 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hey, internet denizens. MPN is still kickin’! Just, you know, enjoying this balmy weather.

In actual Missoula news, there’s Audacity at the ZACC. Rock and/or roll! Garage punk 4eva!

The Rock N Roll Lotto II (The Quickening edition) has been announced, so go check out the band lists on Facebook and speculate which ones will actually make it to February.

Wonder Woman is supposed to show up in Batman Vs. Superman! To what extent isn’t know, but they cast a gal from the Fast and Furious movies. All you goddamn Batman fans get reboots up the wazoo. I want my damn Wonder Woman.

(Hi, I am ornery today.)

Here’s a Gizmodo thingy on how some dog breeds of today used to look. Pro tip: inbreeding is not good.

And Drew from Brain Tumors underwent two days of margarita-washing to become a Parrothead and see Jimmy Buffett. The results are fantastic, by which I mean a mess:

I fried up coconut shrimp as Grant created new margarita combinations — Margareetos (Margarita with Cheetos dust on the rim), Margaritos (Margarita with Doritos dust on the rim), and MargaRambos, which is simply a margarita with an egg yolk mixed inside [Ed note: Should be MargaRockys]. After a sufficient level of heartburn was obtained, there came another unconventional craft cocktail known as the “Margarolaids” featuring Rolaids ground up and floated on the top of a margarita.

So be sure to check that out.

Party on,



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