whiskey please

December 9, 2013 § Leave a comment


smitten kitchen rules

I think I’m finally acclimating to this damn cold weather. Mostly by wearing my entire wardrobe at once.

Lessee, in local news, Audacity had to cancel their appearance at the ZACC on Saturday (and the rest of their tour according to Mean Jeans’ Twitter, mega bummer) but Whoopass Girls, 64 Tuna and Armaund Hammer still braved the weather.

UPDATE: Sorry, dudes, apparently the stream to FILMAGE was a bootleg and it got taken down. Scheduled DVD release is Spring 2014.

Brand New played the Troubadour on Sunday night, and a friend of mine went and posted a bunch of stuff about it on Facebook. I am in no way sick with jealousy. Here, listen to the album stream of Daisy and sigh over Jesse with me. (I’d listen to Deja Entendu, but I’m at work and it’s strictly a ‘drinking and feeling the feels alone in my room’ kinda album.)

XKCD has been increasingly obscure and mathy lately (hi, I do not understand math) but this one I get for sure. IT’S PRONOUNCED ‘JIFF’ BY THE GODDAMN WAY.

In food-related items, here’s Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for Cigarettes Russes cookies that seems fairly achievable? Although maybe I’m just getting  overly ambitious since all I feel motivated to do in the morning is turn on my oven to keep the kitchen warm.


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