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hey kids! The Toasters are tonight at the Top Hat. I think the cover’s $9 and it starts at 9. I’m on the fence about going, myself, because I spent all my money on drugs already and there’s “Downton” tonight.

(JK, I did not spend my money on drugs. Who on earth would sell them to me? I did spend all my money on tacky dresses at Wet Seal and beer, though, which combined are enough fun for me.)

Also, we’ll dissect how seriously I take “Downton” another time, shall we?

Ska is nice and all but the Ginuwine Pony playlist is the best YouTube playlist for Sunday afternoon, hands down.

also, earlier today, my cat jumped up on my laptop and tried to throw up on it. so that’s how my day is going.

party on.

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what’s love got to do with it

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Hey internet. There’s various fun events going on. Some of them are listed on the show calendar. My compass is pointed toward the VFW today, methinks.

Here’s some fun stuff because I spend too much time on the interwebs:

An “objective review” of a Guitar Wolf album: “Guitar Wolf are a band that play very loud. Guitar Wolf are a rock and roll band. Guitar Wolf are a very loud rock and roll band. Their new album, which is entitled Beast Vibrator, contains eleven songs.”

I totally raised my eyebrows clicking on this, but it’s quite sweet and I agree with a lot of it: Casual Love. “We have a mythology surrounding romantic love that says it’s a special, rare feeling, reserved for just a few people in your whole life.”

If someone could start a band in Missoula that sounds exactly like this, I would love you forever.

Party on,

K. Dubs


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Shows tomorrow! Go look at the show calendar. Heavy shit at the VFW, experimental indie/rock at Stage 112, pop and emo at the ZACC.

Also, I hate linking to Noisey all the time, because it’s like, the intellectual version of Doritos, but this is great: I Watched Kidz Bop Live At Six Flags and it Made Me Realize Indie Rock is Bullshit: “Bon Iver covering Townes Van Zandt will get approximately 12% more applause from an audience than Bon Iver playing any non-“Holocene”/”Skinny Love” Bon Iver song. Contrast this to a group of relatively anonymous kids covering “Gangnam Style.” Now that is a song that can unite a crowd.”

Carry on.

drunk tweets

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hey guys! I was excited about the new Taking Back Sunday song streaming (no shame. okay some shame. a little bit of shame.) and now the Lawrence Arms album is streaming, so all in all, it’s been an exciting day. The most Brendan Kelly-y songs are my favorites so far. A great day for crushing hard on dirtbag singers, indeed.


It’s MLK Day! Here’s an interesting piece on how many streets are named after him–and how many are in economically depressed areas: “The existence of so many Martin Luther King streets is complicated by the fact that so little of the economic justice that King fought for five decades ago has come to fruition.”

RIP Grindcore Goat.

Lessee, in local news, there are shows Thursday: an all-ages deal at the ZACC, and Shramanuary Week Whathaveyou at the VFW. Check the show calendar (she said, making a mental note to update the show calendar.)

Also, “sauerkraut porn” is one of the search terms that led someone to MPN recently. Fuck yeah! I need to SEO some more gross shit. Gooey weiners! Borscht pr0n! Cabbage fucking!

tls! tcw! tbt! and other acronyms

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The latest edition of Shramanuary at the VFW tonight features Shramana, Arctodus, Total Combined Weight and Future Users: Beta, a thing that your faithful editor is kinda proudish to say she helped name, this one time at a party forever ago and it isn’t really a big deal, but hey, there you go.

Also Red m’f’n Fang was on Letterman. Bringing heavyness to the masses.


new against me

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that is all


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Reel Big Fish is tonight at the Wilma! Or there’s Reverent Horton Heat and Nekromantix at the Top Hat. I have made my (ska) bed and will lie in it. Or skank in it, rather.

To that end, I direct you to Dan Brooks’ most excellent words on the matter of third wave ska:

“Ska is what would happen to punk rock if punks actually were rejected by society. It is insular, silly about stuff that should be serious, and serious about what is undeniably silly. It is the Scientology of music: a baffling cult that people keep signing up for and having a great time.” Go read the rest.

Party on, kids, and no matter what end you choose, I hope to see you for the inevitable afterparty at the Rose.


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