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January 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

hey guys! I was excited about the new Taking Back Sunday song streaming (no shame. okay some shame. a little bit of shame.) and now the Lawrence Arms album is streaming, so all in all, it’s been an exciting day. The most Brendan Kelly-y songs are my favorites so far. A great day for crushing hard on dirtbag singers, indeed.


It’s MLK Day! Here’s an interesting piece on how many streets are named after him–and how many are in economically depressed areas: “The existence of so many Martin Luther King streets is complicated by the fact that so little of the economic justice that King fought for five decades ago has come to fruition.”

RIP Grindcore Goat.

Lessee, in local news, there are shows Thursday: an all-ages deal at the ZACC, and Shramanuary Week Whathaveyou at the VFW. Check the show calendar (she said, making a mental note to update the show calendar.)

Also, “sauerkraut porn” is one of the search terms that led someone to MPN recently. Fuck yeah! I need to SEO some more gross shit. Gooey weiners! Borscht pr0n! Cabbage fucking!


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